Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s Recap

This past Saturday May 6th, the Pro Breaking Tour made its 12th official stop of the 2017 calendar year. The stop? Bridgeport, CT. for Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s. SLC8’s makes its return to the PBT as a Future Series event.

What makes Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s different? The concept. 8 high level bboys invited to battle it out among each other to see who comes out on top. Check out the invited bboys featured in Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s:
• Moy – HaviKORO.
• Arex – Peligrosos Crew
• Tiger – United Outkast
• Cheerito – Illusion of Exist
• Zeku – Future Force
• Lil Zoo – Divine
• Kareem – Rock Force.

What was on the line? CRAZY 8’s Invitational prize breakdown:
• 1st Place $1,000 + Auto spot in RBC invitational Crazy 8’s.
• 2nd Place $500
• 3rd Place $300
• 4th Place $200

With that kind of line up and prize $ at stake, you know the battles would be crazy. The judges of the event consisted of:
• Trinity- United OutKast
• Jiggz- Supreme Beigns
• Gravity- 5 Crew Dynasty

Aside of the Crazy 8’s battle, the jam also featured a 1 vs 1 bboy/bgirl battle with the prize breakdown looking like this:
• 1st Place $500 + $300 bonus for invite participation to RBC invitational event!
• 2nd Place $250
• 3rd Place $125
• 4th Place $125

To fully understand Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s concept, here is the link to each round of battles. There is a total of 9 rounds with each bboy battling once per round. The winner of the most rounds(at the end of the 9 rounds) wins the concept.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:

Round 8:

Final Round:

Congrats to Miami’s own Zeku – Future Force on a great victory!! The youngest bboy the competition and one of the underdogs but he brought it and came out on top!!

Sweet Lu’s Crazy 8’s rankings:
• Zeku: 7 wins
• Tied for 2nd: Moy, Arex, and Cheerito with 5 wins each.
• Tied for 3rd: Divine, Kareem, and Lil Zoo with 4 wins each.
• 4th: Tiger: 2 wins

1 vs 1 Open Invitational Battles:

Top 16
Snow Vs R-Lo
Rock Lobster Vs Pop
Mikey Vs Nebz
Bombi Vs Super Herick
Roadhouse Vs DQ
Kid Domo Vs Gerson
Meelisa Vs Spydey
Lucy Love Vs Randii

Top 8
Snow Vs Rock Lobzter
Gerson Vs Nebz
Super Herick Vs DQ
Meelisa Vs Randii

Rock Lobzter Vs Nebz

Randii Vs DQ

Nebz Vs DQ

Congrats to Zeku and DQ on a great victory!!

One time for Sweet Lu and his staff on a great event! They are doing a lot for the CT. breakin scene.

Next up on the Pre Breaking Tour Schedule:
Massive Monkees Anniversary – Seattle WA. LINK HERE

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