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Bboy Celebration over War in Ukraine

Probably, many of you have been following the news about Ukraine recently. Bloody conflict between Ukraine and Pro Russian rebels had a major impact within the country and the bboy scene itself. You may even know some bboys or bgirls from Ukraine and wonder what is really going on and how safe it is over there now or in the upcoming future. We spent a few days with Intact, who visited us in Prague, just… Read more

Soul Food 5-Year Anniversary Jam

5 years ago, our great friend Yorick opened his store, Culture Shock TW. The name came from the idea he had about many customers walking into the store having a new culture experience, a Hiphop culture experience. 5 years have come and gone and Yorick has not only achieved great things with the store but has gone to do great things for the Taiwanese Breaking community. His jam, Culture Shock TW is Taiwan’s biggest breaking event. It… Read more

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