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The Bboy Spot Legacy Will Continue

As many of you know we lost the founder and creator of The Bboy Spot, David “Mex One” Alvarado. Mex was a huge part of our culture and always cared about community first. He cared so much for the people and made a positive impact on many lives. Through out the past several weeks, so many people have reached out to share their stories of the impact Mex had in their lives. The support has… Read more

“How To Break for A Lifetime” with Moy

As Red Bull BC One World Finals approaches this weekend, I was looking at the line up and was excited to see Moy in the mix with many competitors of today’s generation. When my crew, Unique Styles Crew, was coming up in the scene, HaviKoro was one of the crews we always looked up to. Moy was always one that stood out. Back in 1999 we remember when HaviKoro was making noise at Freestyle Session… Read more

Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP

Music has been a major topic within our culture lately and it should be since it is the back bone of the dance. The music is the foundation behind everything we do, without it there is no dance. For the past few years Lean Rock has been working with a talented group of producers and musician to create quality music for the culture. Check out his story as he shares with us the struggles he had… Read more

“The Quick Mix Theory” by Grandmaster Flash

We here at The Bboy Spot pride ourselves in trying to spread as much knowledge about the culture as we can. Sometimes though, the best way to hear it is straight from the source. Grandmaster Flash is part of a handfull of pioneers in our culture that are still around today. His Quick Mix Theory , as he explains, is practically the beginning of it all. It’s not only amazing to hear him explain the… Read more

TBT: The Freshest Kids: The Rise Of Minnesota

In our ‘Freshest Kids’ segment, I always write about a young up and coming bboy to take notice of, however in this case I decided to flip it and write about the biggest, and probably the best, up and coming scene in the USA; The Minnesota bboy community. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Minnesota??!!’, and if you are from oversees, you may not know much about Minnesota because for years all you’ve known of is New York, California,… Read more

Outbreak Europe 2015 Recap

“Best edition of Outbreak Europe”, as many returning visitors described this year’s Outbreak Europe, took place last weekend of July. 2000+ attendees from 70 countries got to enjoy hip hop craziness with Catch the Flava summer camp starting it all out. 230 students enjoyed workshops, discussions and overall action in the mountain hotel Šachtička. Hasta La Muerte 7th Year Anniversary on Thursday night brought out the outdoor cyphers and seven to smoke, mostly featuring Latin… Read more

Bboy Celebration over War in Ukraine

Probably, many of you have been following the news about Ukraine recently. Bloody conflict between Ukraine and Pro Russian rebels had a major impact within the country and the bboy scene itself. You may even know some bboys or bgirls from Ukraine and wonder what is really going on and how safe it is over there now or in the upcoming future. We spent a few days with Intact, who visited us in Prague, just… Read more

Bboy Spirit in Italy

This past weekend, we attended the Yo Festival in Rome, Italy. Main goal was to award the winners of the jam with free trip to Outbreak Europe 2015, which will take place last weekend of July in Slovakia. However, we do not want to talk about the jam now. Instead, we would like to go a bit deeper and write about our experience and vibe with Italian bboys. Organizer of the jam and the guide… Read more

History of the word “Breakdancing” by Crazy Legs

About a week ago, In a phone call with Legs he started telling me the history of the word “Breakdancing” a history I knew about because of a conversation we had about 2 years ago when we decided to release this graphic on @TheBboySpot Instagram page: This is what Legs had to say: Post by Rock Steady Crew BX. In all respect to the history of our dance and culture, we bboys/bgirl should NEVER EVER… Read more

Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival 5 year Ann.

Can’t believe its been 5 years since the 1st edition to Outbreak Europe took place. We still remember the 1st ever edition and how people would question us on why we would have an event like “Outbreak” held in a city and country with not much Hiphop history. One of the answers was, Its about building something new, to cultivate a new scene, start a new journey and not piggy back from cities or countries… Read more

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