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Macklemore’s Bboy track

Last week, rapper Macklemore won 4 grammys. I don’t care much about commercial award shows since today’s commercial Hiphop “artists” are not producing much “art”. His win ended up causing a racial controversy that led to Macklemore stating an apology for winning. Couple days later, I was having a conversation with a friend on facebook where we were going back and forth, with me saying how much Macklamore sucks and him saying he does not. I… Read more

Amazing moves & acrobatics and why it’s not Breakin

The video below should explain to many young breakers why certain “bboys” who claim to have evolved their skill are really not evolving or Breakin at all. In the video you see all sorts of incredible moves and acrobatics. The moves are far more advanced (evolved) than the ones many try to do in the breakin community. The quotes, “it’s not the move, it’s the movement” and “It’s not what you do it’s how you… Read more

Catch the Flava Brings the Knowledge

Back in 2011, Cetowy and his crew, Polskee Flavour, approached me with the idea to organize an international bboy camp in cooperation with the Outbreak Europe festival for the purpose of passing and sharing knowledge with upcoming bboys and the new generation. One year later, that dream came true and we as the Bboy Spot joined with the Polskee Flavour crew to bring the first ever international edition of Catch the Flava Summer Camp. We… Read more

Trip to Yalta Summer Jam

After three years of bringing the Outbreak Europe Hip Hop Festival in the area of Eastern Europe, we decided to take it to the next level this year and connect our jam with another ill jam in Ukraine, Yalta Summer Jam. Since the “week” (more like 12 days) is filled with lot of dope hip hop events, we simply called the cooperation Hip Hop Holidays 2013 AKA Super Hip Hop Week 2013. Starting July 17 thru… Read more

Rockin Champ 2013 – Official Recap

Prague, Czech Republic was the place to be this past weekend! The city was hosting one of the illest bboy jams in the country, Rockin Champ.  Six invited crews from all over Europe and dope line up promised an exciting event that everyone was waiting for. The city itself with it’s great history set the right vibe for the jam. The venue, Sasazu club, one of the best possible venues to have for a bboy… Read more


“Dear brothers in the art. There is an increasingly popular dance category called Top Rock. I’m not going to get into the debate of whether it is a valid style or not. Some old schoolers object and thats fine but the fact is that it exists. There are workshops for it. There are competitions for it. It is being judged around the world and has been since at least Mighty Four many years ago. Maybe it’s a novelty but… Read more


Decided to take it back to the 80’s for this one. When the “breakdance” explosion hit in the mid 80’s, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Breaking was Hip Hop’s first export to the world, and kids from every social background wanted to be the best breakers in their neighborhood. Breaking was seen in movies, TV shows, the Olympics, and the New York City Breakers even performed for the president of the United States. With break dance interest at an… Read more

Twisted Elements Studio for Hip Hop Culture

 Earlier this month, Tuff Tim Twist of the Rock Steady Crew shared pictures of his newly painted studio, Twisted Elements Studio, located in England. We’ve known about Tuff Tim Twist’s artwork for years, and have seen it on customized jackets, sneakers, canvases, jewelry, and more. The dope part about his artwork in the studio is that he included shout outs to various members of the community, both active and those who’ve passed, throughout the entire… Read more

Community 1st: Help fund the ‘Create Your Escape’ program at the Break Free Community Center!

For 2013, Bboy Moy and his team at the Break Free Community Center in Houston, Texas have created a YEARLY, FREE dance program that will allow youth ranging from ages 5 on up to participate, twice a week. The program will focus on educating on the history of the dance, applying successful training tips, encourage healthy living, teaching basics to advanced technique, and creative expression. Through their fundraising efforts, the goal of the BFCC is to… Read more

Choreographed by Kid David…

Want to learn how to dance like The Kid? Well…you’re going to need a lot more practice for that…haha, but in the meantime there’s always video games! Kid David was given the pleasure of working with the folks over at UbiSoft to choreograph some moves for their dance game: THE HIPHOP DANCE EXPERIENCE. Normally I’ve played games like this before and I feel just as stupid as I look when playing them, but one look at this video… Read more

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