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Raw Circles 2013

The Bboy Spot will be coming to one of the most popular 2on2 events, Raw Circles, which is going down on February 23 and 24 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Raw Circles 2013 will feature 2vs2 kids battle, 1vs1 bgirl battle, the qualifier and the world finals of the main event 2vs2. The jam will have a separate room for the “Top Styles” including 1vs1 Toprock, Locking, Popping and other styles. Check the video recap from the… Read more

Clip of the Day: Freestyle Futbol

So while browsing Facebook I came across the homie Gee’s (Main Ingredientz) clip that he made while in Belgium. He ran into some kids doing something really interesting but DOPE. I don’t know if the music in the background belongs to Gee or to the kids but if they are doing this to that music, MUCH RESPECT. Anyways, check it out: Freestyle Futbol. It’s basically crazy tricks with the soccer ball but damn, some of… Read more

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