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Circle Industry and Checkmate 2013 Recap

During the first weekend of May, the city of Salzburg hosted the fifth edition of Circle Industry, one of the World’s illest 2on2 bboy battles. In addition, the weekend also featured a fresh battle concept called Checkmate that’s inspired by the game of chess and was founded by Mike and FraGue. The jam featured a dope line-up of judges featuring Poe One, Pluto and Cima. DJs included B-Ryan, Woo-D, and Cosmic. Collectively, this was going… Read more

B&B Presents: THE RETURN 2012 – Shirt event

The homies over at BIGGEST&BADDEST (well…me and Mex) have decided to bring back a design from the dead! A small promotion we’re running to commemorate our 5 year anniversary at B&B. Now here’s where you come in. We’ve had so many popular tees in the past, that it’s tough to pick one. After much deliberation we’ve narrowed the bunch down to our 5 most popular designs from the past and we want YOU to vote for which… Read more

KNOWtheLEDGE: KING Ken Swift Style Wars interview

Man…. Ken Swift gave the greatest interview ever. Ever so often, I go back and listen to his words. The introduction alone reminds me why I do this. When he talks about “the stage” to me that represents why I have never done a battle on stage and why A SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK. As he said, “Unless you are a bboy you can’t understand some rhythemic patterns and combinations” Our dance and culture is… Read more

BIGGEST&BADDEST X Redbull Flugtag 2011

Last year, BIGGEST&BADDEST was approached by Redbull asking if we wanted to compete in the Tampa Bay Redbull Flugtag. Mex was hesitant to say yes because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to jump off of a 30-foot high structure in a flimsy aircraft that’s supposed to “fly” (and I totally understand that now), but I was the one who quickly told him to say yes. Shortly afterwards, I drew up a sketch of what I wanted to… Read more

Gift From Our Friends; Neguin from Tsunami All Stars

Last year our great friend Neguin/Tsunami All Stars from Brazil came out to The Bboy Spot to judge a small event and hang out with us for a weekend. While he was here, he gave us this really dope piece of artwork he made as a gift. As you can see in the drawing, it’s a very complex and abstract art piece and in many ways reminds me a lot of his breaking. You can… Read more

Clip Of The Day: Wattstax

We were first introduced to this documentary by Mack & Sanchez of FUSIK several years back, and have been huge fans of it ever since! Wattstax was a concert, known to many as the ‘African American answer to Woodstock’, that took place in Los Angeles in 1972 to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Watts riots. To enable as many attendees as possible tickets were only $1.00 each, and as a result over 100,000 people took part… Read more

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