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Skill Brat Renegades Break and Destroy National Workshop Tour

Something HISTORIC is about to go take place tomorrow. For the 1st time in history, a national workshop tour is taking place. Bboys Kid David, Casper and Luigi embark on a 16 city tour that will take them from California to as far east as Louisiana. The fellas will be driving from city to city sharing their knowledge of the dance and culture. Every stop will be unique and every workshop will be exciting. The… Read more

All Out War

Somewhere in the world right now, two people are using every ounce of their strength, passion and creativity to destroy each other in combat. This ritual can be witnessed in any city from N.Y. to Shanghai. As most of you know, it’s called battling, and it’s the main pillar of one of modern history’s most explosive subcultures: b-boying.

 All Out War has been a passion project of mine for years now. Growing up in the… Read more


Over the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about BATTLE OF THE YEAR THE MOVIE, and the effects it will have on our community. I’ve been thinking about writing a series of blogs dedicated to “what might happen” after the movie is released. I have yet to see the movie, and the blogs wont be “about” the movie. My concern is not for it to win an Oscar, nor am I a movie critic, but… Read more

Words From The Wise: Bboy Casper Lays It Down

Last year Bboy Casper took it upon himself to speak out and spread knowledge to bboys and bgirls worldwide. 2013 does not seem like it will be any different. Read up what he has to say: Breaking right now is so amazing because its just getting bigger, better, faster everyday! It’s a great thing what our community of bboy’s & bgirl’s have accomplished in such a small period of time.. Big companies like Nike or Adidas… Read more


As soon as Cypher Adikts LA ended, it was time to prepare for Freestyle Session 15 Year Anniversary the following day. I’ve been attending Session since it’s 8th installment in 2004, and have truly been a big supporter of my brotha Cros for the last six years, so I was not about to miss out on the “Sweet 15”. Cros always delivers with top notch venues, and having Session at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles was crazy….the… Read more

Casper: For the New Generation

Casper went off on this one. Everyone complains and whines about all these things but not one speaks up on it. We are happy to hear what Killa Cas had to say. He touched major points in RESPECTING THE CULTURE and YES, STOP BITING! The new generation is beyond blessed BUT, USE WHAT YOU HAVE AND DON’T ABUSE IT. Our community keeps growing, things are getting better yet other things are getting worse. We are… Read more

Bboy Cribs: Casper Zulu Kings

Aight, so the homie Casper reposted this last night and I remember watching it a few years back but damn… Its just as funny now…..haha. Bboys always wonder how “famous” bboys live, Casper gave it to ya raw. For a short while, he and his partner in crime Smurph were making some funny ass clips. We will find a few more and post them up for your entertainment!


Our good friend Mason Rose from Seven Shadows was contracted by an Australian airline to produce a promotional video using Bboys. Man, did he deliver! Mason made one of the ILLEST bboy clips I have ever seen. The promo video features world class bboys Casper, Luigi, Rox, Beastmode and Kid David doing what they do… having fun and getting loose. Mase (As his boys call him) is by far the best videographer in our community…. Read more

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