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Battle of the Year Blog #3: The Movie & The Community

Last week, I wrote a blog about Battle of the Year dance contest going across the USA. The blog focused on choreo dancers judging the contest and not allowing bboy/bgirls to win. Everyone quickly turned around and reacted negatively. “F Battle of the Year!”, “The movie is a fake!”, “It’s not Hiphop!”, blah blah blah…and one more blah. The blog got taken completely out of context in every way possible. Blog #1: Battle of the… Read more

Community 1st: Help fund the ‘Create Your Escape’ program at the Break Free Community Center!

For 2013, Bboy Moy and his team at the Break Free Community Center in Houston, Texas have created a YEARLY, FREE dance program that will allow youth ranging from ages 5 on up to participate, twice a week. The program will focus on educating on the history of the dance, applying successful training tips, encourage healthy living, teaching basics to advanced technique, and creative expression. Through their fundraising efforts, the goal of the BFCC is to… Read more

Community First: Dance For Canswer

The good people at  Big Or Bigger, a California based organization that utilizes a variety of creative mediums to raise awareness and funds for social and health-related causes, recently organized the first ever bboy version of their Dance For Canswer workshop series in San Diego. Proceeds from the 3 hour workshop, which was taught by Roxrite, were donated to the  Sarcoma Foundation of America.   To say that this Dance for Canswer workshop was filled… Read more

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