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The Bboy Spot Legacy Will Continue

As many of you know we lost the founder and creator of The Bboy Spot, David “Mex One” Alvarado. Mex was a huge part of our culture and always cared about community first. He cared so much for the people and made a positive impact on many lives. Through out the past several weeks, so many people have reached out to share their stories of the impact Mex had in their lives. The support has… Read more

“How To Break for A Lifetime” with Moy

As Red Bull BC One World Finals approaches this weekend, I was looking at the line up and was excited to see Moy in the mix with many competitors of today’s generation. When my crew, Unique Styles Crew, was coming up in the scene, HaviKoro was one of the crews we always looked up to. Moy was always one that stood out. Back in 1999 we remember when HaviKoro was making noise at Freestyle Session… Read more

Music Matters: Lean Rock’s Story Behind the Break Em Off’ EP

Music has been a major topic within our culture lately and it should be since it is the back bone of the dance. The music is the foundation behind everything we do, without it there is no dance. For the past few years Lean Rock has been working with a talented group of producers and musician to create quality music for the culture. Check out his story as he shares with us the struggles he had… Read more


A few weeks back at I.B.E 2012, decided to ask many influential bboys and figures in our community what the future of our community holds or might be. Some of these fellas did not seem to understand the question, but some of them gave really great insight on what they feel the community should be like and hopefully will be like. One interview stood out to me above all, and that is because I… Read more

What’s Wrong With Our Community? Your Opinion.

We want to try something different. We want to read what YOU have to say. It’s easy for us to sit here and write about how we feel but instead we want to hear what you have to say, what you see with your own eyes, weekend after weekend at jam after jam. What needs to change and how should we change them? Point out a problem but it would be great if you could also include what would be… Read more

Keep The Beacon Lit!

Winter 2013, Massive Monkees were granted a beautiful 2000+ square foot studio space in the International District of Seattle. Titled “The Beacon”, Massive Monkees have used this grant of space to teach, perform and bring people together through community events.In just over 3 months of operation, nearly 400 students have signed up for classes at the Beacon! In addition, we have partnered with and now host some of the best teaching artists from the Northwest… Read more


Our good friends at STRIFE.TV posted a quote from Remind that made me finally want to write about a topic that very much needs to be talked about. “It’s so funny how the B Boys & B Girls have worked so hard to create their own industry, only to hand it over to these corporations to do with what they will.” – Remind. STYLE ELEMENTS. The Bboy/Bgirl community has grown immensely in so many ways. From events… Read more


Our friends Motor City Rockerz are calling out for your help! The local Hip hop cultural center, 5 E Gallery, is in danger of being shut down and they are looking for the community’s support to help raise enough funds and awareness to keep the center open. 5 E Gallery is the ONLY Hip Hop community space in metro Detroit. The 5 E Gallery is a non-profit visual art and hip-hop culture gallery located in the Historic Corktown District… Read more

Words From The Wise: Tyrone of IBE speaks.

We have all seen the video below. The media has too and they have taking it to a new level. “A dutch newspaper posted the Terra vs Leelou, Chelles Pro Battle on their website and headlined it: “Kiddie humilitiates boy”….. How do we protect our youngest dancers ( in this case 6 and 12 yrs) old) from these kind of sensation media and the amounts of shameless quotes on youtube? Promoters, parents, dancers maybe it’s time… Read more


Last year was a hard year in the community. In the states alone, we lost three brothers that contributed so much to our community and culture. The Spot is dedicating this day to them. TODAY IN OUR WEB STORE, 100% OF PROFIT FROM TODAY’S SALES WILL BE SPLIT EVENLY AND DONATED TO THEIR FAMILIES. (Their families and crews have all approved of this fundraiser.) AS A COMMUNITY WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER AND SUPPORT OUR OWN. Please support by… Read more

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