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TBT: Our Story: The Importance of History in Hip Hop.

The lives of any descendant is rooted in the actions made and words said by their ancestors. It is through the story of those who came before us that people can learn from the past and progress towards the future. This is no different when it comes to Hip Hop. From the very beginning, the Hip Hop movement has its roots in humanity’s basic capacity to create and be heard. Whether you are moving on… Read more

History of the word “Breakdancing” by Crazy Legs

About a week ago, In a phone call with Legs he started telling me the history of the word “Breakdancing” a history I knew about because of a conversation we had about 2 years ago when we decided to release this graphic on @TheBboySpot Instagram page: This is what Legs had to say: Post by Rock Steady Crew BX. In all respect to the history of our dance and culture, we bboys/bgirl should NEVER EVER… Read more

Is Hiphop 40 or 39 years old? UPDATE: Zulu Nation Response

Update: The Zulu Nation has responded with the recent attention to when Hiphop’s birthday really is. There has been a lot of speculation, including our article here asking the same question. Zulu Nation is also not starting any “beef”. They state in their article that, “Herc is our brother, but when our family strays from us, we must first forgive them for mistakes, but let them know of their wrongdoings, and of course, welcome them… Read more

Before the Hype: Bouncing Cats

When you hear the word Uganda the first thing that may come to mind is the recent KONY 2012 video highlighting the man himself and the kidnapping of children for use in war. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find videos of people in Uganda who have expressed their concerns nullifying the impression given off by the video. You see, Uganda was the center of attention a few weeks ago because of the viral campaign that… Read more

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