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Skill Brat Renegades Break and Destroy National Workshop Tour

Something HISTORIC is about to go take place tomorrow. For the 1st time in history, a national workshop tour is taking place. Bboys Kid David, Casper and Luigi embark on a 16 city tour that will take them from California to as far east as Louisiana. The fellas will be driving from city to city sharing their knowledge of the dance and culture. Every stop will be unique and every workshop will be exciting. The… Read more


As soon as Cypher Adikts LA ended, it was time to prepare for Freestyle Session 15 Year Anniversary the following day. I’ve been attending Session since it’s 8th installment in 2004, and have truly been a big supporter of my brotha Cros for the last six years, so I was not about to miss out on the “Sweet 15”. Cros always delivers with top notch venues, and having Session at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles was crazy….the… Read more


We’re getting hype for FREESTYLE SESSION 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY next weekend, and I’ve been wanting to write a blog to promote it. I was brain storming whether I should do a Q&A with Cros, or maybe gather up mad videos to show everyone, but I knew this blog had to be more special then that. Why? Because IT’S FREESTYLE SESSION 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Freestyle Session stands as the most respected Bboy/Bgirl event in the world, and the… Read more

Freestyle Session Europe 2012

Once again The Bboy Spot took a trip to Athens this past weekend. This time it was for Freestyle Session Europe that featured judges Cros1, founder of Freestyle Session and owner of the Armory brand, the legendary Mr. Freeze of Rocksteady, and Yan from Allthemost Russia. The event began on Friday, May 11 with Yan’s the Shrimp workshop. Yan was teaching battle tactics and how to act in a battle. He demonstrated some traditional Russian… Read more

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Out For Fame 2012

Coming up in the scene back in 1999-2000, I remember hearing about a new competition called OUT FOR FAME (OFF). OFF was a national competition taking place in many different parts of the country like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston and more. This jam could have easily been called THE BEST OF THE BEST because that’s who was there from Havik and KORO (before they joined forces) to Skill Methodz, Rhythm Bugs,… Read more

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