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VALUES: Kapi’s Intervention on Spanish TV

We all know what happens with mass media. It’s been showing to the public a watered down, sugar-free, corny version of what we do for decades. And I don’t blame them. They do what they do because they don’t know better; they assume the spectator wants that. And in reality, there’s nothing further from the truth. If you teach or give lectures maybe you have experienced what I like to call the “epiphany moment”. It… Read more

Our Community: UNITY WITHIN

For far too long many have tried to team up to make things better for the community, there have been meetings with the top promoters across the world to discuss what can be done, how things should work, whether or not there needs to be a governing body. These meetings date back almost 10 years but truthfully when one is worried or concerned solely on the longevity and prosperity of their own events, it’s hard… Read more

The Return Of Sunday Skool Session

If you’re from Florida, and especially the Central Florida area, you may have some fond memories of a dope little spot called Reign. It was the first mom + pop boutique in Orlando to introduce streetwear brands such as The Hundreds, Crooks, 10 Deep, and Hellz Bellz before they gained mainstream popularity, and they humbly made room on their shelves to help surge Florida based brands such as Nufsed, Bofresco, and Biggest & Baddest. Above… Read more


Our good friends at STRIFE.TV posted a quote from Remind that made me finally want to write about a topic that very much needs to be talked about. “It’s so funny how the B Boys & B Girls have worked so hard to create their own industry, only to hand it over to these corporations to do with what they will.” – Remind. STYLE ELEMENTS. The Bboy/Bgirl community has grown immensely in so many ways. From events… Read more

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