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My Life – Daniel Zhu – Stance

Our good homie decided to film a short clip of what his life consist of.  Daniel and I have been friends now for 5 years and spent a lot of time together discussing the Breaking community and traveling from jam to jam. His first work for us was back in 09 for Outbreak 5 Hiphop festival. We then decided to fly him out to Outbreak 6/7/8 and Outbreak 10 Hiphop festival. Check out Daniels story here: Some of Daniel’s… Read more

STRIFE TV: WHAT GRIND MY GEARS featuring: Flexum & Lean Rock

We had to go ahead and feature this one…why? Because this dynamic due is just too funny! They made their debut back in the Strife TV Outbreak 6 coverage teaching you all how to krump. Now in the latest installment of ‘What Grind My Gears’ they are at it again. DJ’S, if you are doing what Lean Rock states, you are an ‘MP’. What is an MP? A MUSIC PLAYER. SHAME ON YOU! Bboys, YOU ARE NOT LEGENDS…. Read more

Bboy Portfolio 2012 | Strife TV

Happy New Year to all bboys and bgirls worldwide! We wish you the best in 2013, and thank you for all of your support over the years. Check out this incredible look back at some memorable moments of 2012, brought to you by Daniel of Strife TV.

Life at The Bboy Spot, Our Early Years

While browsing the web today, I came across this clip done by our great friend Daniel from Strife TV. Daniel came down to record us and show the world what we at The Spot do on a daily basis. So many great memories from our early days. What is really crazy is the fact that this video is only 2 years old! We have grown so much since. We have been so blessed by the… Read more

The Man Behind The Camera: Daniel from Strife.TV

Everyone’s favorite task to do on the internet is discovering new things that are relevant to our interests. But in order for people to find new content, someone out there needs to create it. Furthermore, the time and effort that goes into that too often goes unnoticed. We felt it’d be good to put the spotlight on one of our close friends from Strife.TV and have him explain how he came to be in our community…. Read more

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