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It’s safe to say that the Battle of the Gods sparked major interest from older heads, to get back on it. From what I read some felt a sense of entitlement, but have not been around much. As a younger dude I know my place and can’t speak on it but one of the illest to ever do it in Europe can. Freeze from Ghost Crew is one of EU’s true O.G’s and he put… Read more

Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival Day 1 & 2 Official Recap

With so much taking place during Outbreak 8 Hiphop Festival, we decided it was best to break down the highlight clips instead of compressing everything into one. The first highlight clip showcases what was part of Polskee Flava’s Catch the Flava summer camp that we helped organized. The camp featured workshops from legendary bboys Ken Swift, Freeze and Ivan along with Japanese O.G bboy Kazuhiro. The clip also highlights the grand opening of Outbreak 8… Read more

Freestyle Session Europe 2012

Once again The Bboy Spot took a trip to Athens this past weekend. This time it was for Freestyle Session Europe that featured judges Cros1, founder of Freestyle Session and owner of the Armory brand, the legendary Mr. Freeze of Rocksteady, and Yan from Allthemost Russia. The event began on Friday, May 11 with Yan’s the Shrimp workshop. Yan was teaching battle tactics and how to act in a battle. He demonstrated some traditional Russian… Read more

Catch the Flava Bboy Summer Camp

One thing that will make Outbreak 8 Hiphop festival special is the addition of the CATCH THE FLAVA SUMMER CAMP presented by Polskee Flavour. Catch the Flava is an all-out Bboy/Bgirl summer camp. Bboys and bgirls from all across Europe will come together to learn, grow and hopefully build friendships that will last a lifetime. Catch the Flava will be highlighted by THE FOUR CORNERS—4 pioneers from different regions, spreading the knowledge they gathered from… Read more

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