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The Genius of Osgemeos

Two of the most famous street artists in the world happen to be twin brothers from Brazil known as Osgemeos or The Twins. Osgemeos are also first generation Brazilian bboys/writers and Hiphopers from the 80’s. The Twins art work can be seen across the world in huge buildings, bridges and canvases. Their work now sells in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Brazil, Osgemeos are so iconic they have been hired to paint Brazil’s… Read more

SPEN 1’s “Lace em up” Poster Print

I have always wanted to make a special release print dedicated to the people and the scene that’s made me who I am today. The Bboy scene has always been a huge part of my life. The people i’ve met from attending local jams to traveling out of the country are just incredible and for that I have dedicated this print. Originally a design used for my homie Bboy Tofu‘s jam in Melbourne, Australia “BeatStreat… Read more

The BboySpot vs USUI KIKAKU: Graffiti Battle

While in Japan this year for the Freestyle Session world finals, I had the pleasure of spending some time with some of the guys from Usui Kikaku. The memories I have from this trip are unforgettable and this video is just a tiny slice of it…haha. Enjoy!

Clip of the Day: End to End Burners

Well, since I had the chance to pick today’s clip of the day, I decided to represent for all the graffiti writers out there. Company Flow’s End to End Burners was so iconic to me it’s practically burned into my soul. The track was released in 1998 and shortly thereafter a video was released. Back then it wasn’t rare to see music like this on B.E.T. as they were taking an approach to all underground Hiphop. The video, for it’s time,… Read more

Straight Out the Jungle

If you are down with the culture but you’ve never visited New York City, you are missing a piece to the puzzle. You gotta complete the cypher. It is a must to visit the motherland, aka concrete jungle; aka New York City, at least once in a lifetime for any Hip Hop head around the world. Until you experience it in person, it is hard to imagine the street struggle mixed up with the fancy… Read more

Gifts from Our Friends: Solo 138 The Bronx Boys

Last year our good friend Solo138, head DJ for TBB(The Bronx Boys), surprised us with a super dope gift: Two reprints of Cheech Wizard Volume 1 and 2 by Vaughn Bode. Now if you don’t know Cheech Wizard or Vaughn Bode, we have to take you back to the early stages of graffiti culture. Vaughn Bode created Cheech Wizard in 1956 at the age of 15 but the comics actually didn’t go into circulation until… Read more


Graffiti is one of those rare cultures where we have the privilege of still having our forefathers around. Wall Writers is the tale of modern day graffiti (in its most infant stage) told by the people who started it all. In the trailer you’ll see TAKI 183, CORNBREAD and more…think about it…we’re talking OVER A DECADE BEFORE STYLE WARS. An era before even hiphop existed and the name of the game was just straight up vandalism and… Read more

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