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A few weeks back at I.B.E 2012, decided to ask many influential bboys and figures in our community what the future of our community holds or might be. Some of these fellas did not seem to understand the question, but some of them gave really great insight on what they feel the community should be like and hopefully will be like. One interview stood out to me above all, and that is because I… Read more

Memory Lane: USA vs KOREA IBE 2005

This blog should actually be called THE DAY THAT EVERYTHING CHANGED and I will tell you why. In the early-mid 2000s South Korea came into the scene and blew up in ways no one expected but when they would battle the American bboys the extra respect factor would always come into place. Maybe it was their culture or maybe because the USA created the dance but let’s just say on many occasions at different events… Read more

Words From The Wise: Tyrone of IBE speaks.

We have all seen the video below. The media has too and they have taking it to a new level. “A dutch newspaper posted the Terra vs Leelou, Chelles Pro Battle on their website and headlined it: “Kiddie humilitiates boy”….. How do we protect our youngest dancers ( in this case 6 and 12 yrs) old) from these kind of sensation media and the amounts of shameless quotes on youtube? Promoters, parents, dancers maybe it’s time… Read more

Mason Rose: BC One All Stars at IBE 2012

Last week our good friend, Mason Rose, released this super dope and official video highlighting the BC One All Stars at IBE 2012. Seems like in today’s age everyone has a camera “making” them photographers or videographers, but few truly possess such a skill in the way Mase does. His videos are not all about the action packed, high flying moves of the dance, but an actual story that takes from you from point A to point Z. A story line… Read more

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