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Chicago’s own crosstown crew Phaze II celebrated their 32 years of existence earlier this month. The recent occasion reminded us of a very important piece of history shot by Cypher Adikts own JeSkilz 2 years ago. The story goes a little something like this…… Wicked welcomed us with open arms into his home and gave us a Phaze II history lesson of a lifetime. I’ve always known about him and Phaze II, but never really… Read more

KNOWtheLEDGE: Ken Swift Interview with Core Media

In our community there are many who truly make some stupid analogies but when Ken Swift speaks, he breaks it down with simplicity at its finest. Always direct and to the point. Listen to what Kenny has to say as he speaks on topics such as family, history, corporate sponsorships, creative control, traveling across the world, and our community as a whole. Breaking is Hiphop, and Hiphop is a culture not science.

What’s new with THE KID

One of my most memorable moments being involved with the Bboy community was actually when I came back to it. For a little while I wasn’t hanging out with my crew and to make a long story short, life had taken over. But when I did come back to it I was living in a place we christened the “USC headquarters”. Pretty much every popular bboy from around that time (’06-’09) had visited our home…. Read more

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