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A look inside the new BGSK store in LA…

In the last few years, our community has expanded in ways we never imagined. From jams on a weekly basis, clothing brands, community centers opening up, and now independently owned clothing stores. Last Saturday in Santa Monica, BGSK (a collective of friends consisting of Squid & Eddie Burns of Unique Styles and Julez of Main Ingreedyants) opened the doors of their new clothing boutique called BGSK Store. The boutique carries community based brands such as Biggest&Baddest, Nufsed, Cypher Adikts, Bofresco, Soul Food, and more. It… Read more

Art Of Justin BUA: All-City Workshop in LA

His work is internationally recognized, and can be seen on everything from sneakers to skateboards, to the covers of albums and walls of art galleries worldwide. Justin BUA is a former bboy and graffiti artist from New York whose art depicts the rawness of Hip-Hop’s elements and life in the city. He will be hosting a rare workshop on December 8th in Los Angeles, and aims to get more young members of the Hip-Hop community involved with… Read more

Cypher Adikts LA Highlight Clip

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of what went down at Cypher Adikts LA. I included a few pictures and broke down the vibe and atmosphere, but what better thing to do than see it for your self. Jeskilz, founder of Cypher Adikts released a clip of the jam, you can’t capture everything on camera but what was captured was pretty damn fresh! Shout outs to Strife TV for providing the footage, and… Read more


As soon as Cypher Adikts LA ended, it was time to prepare for Freestyle Session 15 Year Anniversary the following day. I’ve been attending Session since it’s 8th installment in 2004, and have truly been a big supporter of my brotha Cros for the last six years, so I was not about to miss out on the “Sweet 15”. Cros always delivers with top notch venues, and having Session at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles was crazy….the… Read more


Over the last few months I’ve been working very closely with Jeskilz and Ervin of Cypher Adikts, and have  developed a very dope friendship with the two of them. Part of the reason being is because we share the same views and ideas on what our community is about and the direction it should go. I often say that while we support events like BC One and other major scale competitions, we truly represent and support  the UNDERGROUND above… Read more

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