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TBT: Thunder Soul: Kashmere Stage Band Documentary

Felix, Unique Styles Crew member and drummer of FUSIK introduced us to a sick documentary called THUNDER SOUL. We’ve all heard their songs, especially the one below, but I knew nothing about the band known as The Kashmere Stage Band. As the documentary went on, it truly shocked me to learn that it was a group of high school kids playing the music! All these years of listening to the song thinking it was men… Read more

DEMOS Documentary Film Screening 2/23 in Orlando, FL

Our good friend Conshus of OUR show has been working with Kareem Works, Kevin Nottingham, & FLüD Watches over the past few months to organize a film screening here in Orlando, FL. The film includes artists such as Talib Kweli, Naught by Nature, NO ID, Skyzoo, Tony Rock, Dumbfoundead, DJ Houseshoes, Rapper Big Pooh, Marley Marl, Black Thought, Crookied I, Hopsin, Illmind, and well.. you get the idea. A LOT of artists are part of… Read more

Rest In Peace, James Brown

Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of James Brown’s passing and we just wanted to take some time out to honor a man who has influenced our culture so much. His music has been sampled on thousands of tracks of various genres, while his showmanship and dance moves have had an undeniably huge impact on the breaking community. Rest in peace, JB! Your music and soul will live forever through us.

Clip of the Day: Old man comes to life from hearing music of his era

I first saw this clip a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. Music means so much to many of us. As bboys, we can’t have a dance without it. As Hiphop, we can’t have a culture without it but there is much more to music. Music is like the fuel of the soul; the memories it brings back, the good or bad times a song can render, and the way it… Read more

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