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Gifts from our friends: Nasty Ray Canvas

For the last few years we’ve seen our good friend Nasty Ray develop a very unique style of art. Ray draws silhouettes of bboy/bgirl pictures and turns them into beautiful and colorful abstract pieces. We love his art so much that we asked him for our very own canvas to hang at The Bboy Spot. Ray decided to surprise us at Outbreak 10 Hiphop Festival with this really beautiful canvas that now hangs at The Spot’s living room. Ray’s… Read more

Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session, Red Bull BC One Orlando Recap

After months of hard work and preparation, Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session USA Finals and Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher finally went down last weekend in Orlando, Florida. Bboys and Bgirls from across the world came out to show their support and represent. I spotted bboys & bgirls from California, New York, Philadelphia, Texas, Boston, Detroit and many other cities and states. Bboys and Bgirls from countries such as Canada, Russia, Japan, Romania, Scotland and… Read more

All Out War

Somewhere in the world right now, two people are using every ounce of their strength, passion and creativity to destroy each other in combat. This ritual can be witnessed in any city from N.Y. to Shanghai. As most of you know, it’s called battling, and it’s the main pillar of one of modern history’s most explosive subcultures: b-boying.

 All Out War has been a passion project of mine for years now. Growing up in the… Read more

STRIFE TV: WHAT GRIND MY GEARS featuring: Flexum & Lean Rock

We had to go ahead and feature this one…why? Because this dynamic due is just too funny! They made their debut back in the Strife TV Outbreak 6 coverage teaching you all how to krump. Now in the latest installment of ‘What Grind My Gears’ they are at it again. DJ’S, if you are doing what Lean Rock states, you are an ‘MP’. What is an MP? A MUSIC PLAYER. SHAME ON YOU! Bboys, YOU ARE NOT LEGENDS…. Read more

Hip Hop & Education

Hip Hop and Education. These two words at seem to be at odds with one another when one is pursuing their passion and/or attempting to establish a more mainstream career. The truth of the matter is most people give up one for the other. Despite all the struggles to balance between these two aspects of life, they don’t necessarily have to work in an antagonistic relationship. Rather both Hip Hop and Education can be utilized… Read more


As if you didn’t know, Nasty Ray is one of the funniest bboys around. Ray is notorious for funny clips, Instagram pictures, and random quotes of “Nastyness”. Check out this great promo clip for Rays upcoming event, 1NFAMOUS, taking place February 16th in San Jose, California. For full info on the jam, check out the official Facebook event page.

Travellin’ Man

Growing up, I think one of my biggest ambitions was to travel the world. Even now I think any kid growing up still has “travel the world” on their list of things to do. Little did I know, my first trip outside of the country would be because of bboying. In July 2010, I boarded a flight to Slovakia for 10 days where I would be an attendee at the first Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival…. Read more

MC ULTRA; “I don’t rap like a big poop.”

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