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Eye in the Sky: Outbreak Hiphop Festival Highlight clip.

Bboy Flashback contacted me a few days before Outbreak asking me if there were still media passes for Outbreak available. Flash said he had something very special but I didn’t understand what he meant so I declined. He decided to show up to the jam and show me what he meant and once I saw it……… Media pass it was!!! (haha) To capture the last Outbreak in the way that he did was just about… Read more

Happy 9 Year Anniversary to Outbreak Hip Hop Festival!

It was today, 9 years ago, that my life changed forever. OUTBREAK HIPHOP JAM took place in a small church spot in Pembroke Pines, a sub division of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When my crew, Unique Styles, and I decided to put together our first ever jam, it was not because we wanted to make money or get fame. We truly had no idea of what was to come, and we just wanted to do something FUN– a fun jam… Read more

Bboy Vlad Chronicles- Part 3

Bboys jams are often more than just “jams”. Bboys are looking to truly live out an experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. Our good friend Vlad, representing BMT Crew from Russia, decided to document his summer and make a really dope clip highlighting not his breaking but the great times Summer 2012 brought him. As we get older and more responsibility comes our way, we are less capable of living a life… Read more

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