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TBT: Tips on traveling to your next Bboy Jam

To grow as a bboy or bgirl, it is sometimes fundamental to travel to different jams outside of your city, or even outside the country. Since traveling can get quite expensive and bboys do not have that kind of money to waste, we decided to give you some tips on how to travel more cost-effectively. If you have some other tips, please feel free to leave a comment below. Starting off, it’s pretty easy to… Read more

TBT: Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10 Year Anniversary Highlight clip

2013 was a very special year for us at The Bboy Spot.  We again had the opportunity to travel the world, attend some of the biggest events and many underground local ones as well. We visited new countries and made many friends but 2013 will forever go down as the year of OUTBREAK. Our last edition was an incredible success. AGE from Mind180 made a highlight clip that demonstrates what Outbreak was all about: Hiphop Culture in full effect…. Read more

Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival 5 year Ann.

Can’t believe its been 5 years since the 1st edition to Outbreak Europe took place. We still remember the 1st ever edition and how people would question us on why we would have an event like “Outbreak” held in a city and country with not much Hiphop history. One of the answers was, Its about building something new, to cultivate a new scene, start a new journey and not piggy back from cities or countries… Read more

Favorite Outbreak Moment: Rox Rite vs Focus

Now that Outbreak Hiphop Festival is officially gone, everywhere I go I get asked two questions: #1. Is Outbreak really over? #2. What’s your favorite Outbreak moment? My answers are always the same: YES, NO MORE OUTBREAK. #2 My favorite Outbreak moment is Outbreak 1 Hiphop Jam because it was the first one but my second favorite moment was Outbreak 5’s Rox Rite vs Focus battle. Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival was my first Outbreak after… Read more

My Life – Daniel Zhu – Stance

Our good homie decided to film a short clip of what his life consist of.  Daniel and I have been friends now for 5 years and spent a lot of time together discussing the Breaking community and traveling from jam to jam. His first work for us was back in 09 for Outbreak 5 Hiphop festival. We then decided to fly him out to Outbreak 6/7/8 and Outbreak 10 Hiphop festival. Check out Daniels story here: Some of Daniel’s… Read more

Eye in the Sky: Outbreak Hiphop Festival Highlight clip.

Bboy Flashback contacted me a few days before Outbreak asking me if there were still media passes for Outbreak available. Flash said he had something very special but I didn’t understand what he meant so I declined. He decided to show up to the jam and show me what he meant and once I saw it……… Media pass it was!!! (haha) To capture the last Outbreak in the way that he did was just about… Read more

Peace to Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10-Year Anniversary

It’s been a while since we posted a blog.  We’ve been so caught up with traveling and of course, Outbreak Hiphop Festival. We set out to create a jam that no one would forget and from the looks of it, we have achieved that goal. Our official blog, official video and recap of the event is soon to come. Outbreak means so much to so many but for now, we would like to leave you with a very special video… Read more

Outbreak Hip Hop Festival to Break Free 2013 Charter Bus

This one goes out to all the out of state and overseas bboys and bgirls coming to Outbreak Hip Hop Festival 10 Year Anniversary. The week after Outbreak, The Bboy Spot is doing our best to organize a charter bus equipped with a bathroom, comfortable seats, television to watch some really great footage as well as Wifi (because we know how much everyone loves Wifi). Why should you do it? Because Outbreak and Break Free… Read more

SPEN1 Inspired Cakes!

This one has been a long time coming. Our good friend Adrian from Break Free in Houston, TX really looks out for his son Little D (Break Free, HaviKORO) when it comes to his birthday parties. Little D loves Hiphop and his last two birthday parties have both been very Hiphop inspired and have taken place at the Break Free Community Center (which needs your support!). What’s really dope about it is, both cakes have… Read more

Our Community: UNITY WITHIN

For far too long many have tried to team up to make things better for the community, there have been meetings with the top promoters across the world to discuss what can be done, how things should work, whether or not there needs to be a governing body. These meetings date back almost 10 years but truthfully when one is worried or concerned solely on the longevity and prosperity of their own events, it’s hard… Read more

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