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Outbreak 5 Promo Clip

Going on our 9th year now, Outbreak Hiphop festival was born as nothing more than a idea in a small church venue in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The event was not expected to be major since it was my crew’s first jam. The venue fit about 200-250 people max but over 600 showed up to support. Much was changing in the community and many of the younger bboys needed an event they could identify with—OUTBREAK was… Read more

Catch the Flava Bboy Summer Camp

One thing that will make Outbreak 8 Hiphop festival special is the addition of the CATCH THE FLAVA SUMMER CAMP presented by Polskee Flavour. Catch the Flava is an all-out Bboy/Bgirl summer camp. Bboys and bgirls from all across Europe will come together to learn, grow and hopefully build friendships that will last a lifetime. Catch the Flava will be highlighted by THE FOUR CORNERS—4 pioneers from different regions, spreading the knowledge they gathered from… Read more

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