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Kids Make The Revolution: The Illest Kids.

Decided to send a shout out to some of the illest kids in the game.These kids are all 13 and under (might be off by a year for one of them). We wont write much, let’s let their skill do the talking. Check them out and tell us what you think. Representing The City of Wind isSelf-X Crew’s own, Bboy P-Nut. P-Nut was born into this culture and represents it to the fullest. Check out an interview we… Read more

Red Bull BC One USA Recap

Over the weekend, I was invited by Red Bull to cover and enjoy the Red Bull BC One USA Finals in Chicago, Illinois. Let me first start by saying, damn…. Chicago is TOO OFFICIAL! I’ve been there many times, but this time I walked around the city and really got to experience what an incredible city it truly is. It’s a lot like New York, but cleaner with nice people…. Huge shout out to my boy… Read more

Bboy P-Nut… From the City of Wind

In 2005 I became good friends with the homie J-Boogie from Self X. We would run into each other often at jams all over the states. J started telling me about his little boy, P-Nut. He would tell me how P-Nut would come home from school and practice on his own and how P-Nut would listen to breaks before going to sleep. P-Nut was probably 7-8 around this time and two years ago I finally got to meet… Read more

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