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When anyone asks you, “..but what about when you get older?” in regards to your dance, don’t reply to them. They might not understand, but in your head one of the names that should come to mind is Poe One. Poe is 43/44 years old and still going as strong as ever. A true definition of what a “bboy” is meant to represent. Poe does it all and does it with style. The flow, the… Read more

Foundation: The 3 Pillars

Keeping this blog simple and to the point, we’d like to share with you 3 quotes we picked up over the years on why foundation in your dance is extremely important. Below: what the quotes mean to us. #1 Abstrak- Skill Methodz Foundation is history, it is tradition, it is knowledge. Foundation is a tool needed to reach the end.┬áIn this case, the end can be a very dope and creative style. #2 Jeskilz- Cypher… Read more

Memory Lane: Renegades VS Style Elements – Radiotron 1996

In honor of Radiotron 30 year anniversary, we would like to take it back on this trip down memory lane with its most historic battle and one of the most important battles in today’s modern breakin’ community. Renegades vs Style Elements 2 legendary and powerhouse crews from Northern California inspired the world when they faced off with each other at Radiotron in 1996. Both crews were pioneering so much at the time. Wicket and Jazzy… Read more

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