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Rest in Peace Bboy Nat HaviKORO Houston TX Legend

Man this sucks… browsing my Instagram, I saw a picture Moy reposted only weeks before of Nat (O.G Texas legend) but the wording was the worst thing I could have ever read. Nat passed away after being hit by a drunk driver. Only 2 weeks ago, I was in Houston TX with my boy VicNice and Vicious and I was telling them about Texas Bboy kings and I mention Nat. NAT WAS “THE MAN”. He… Read more


Two ago years today the Hiphop community lost one of the greatest to EVER do it. GURU was not only the founder of GANGSTARR, but a master at his craft. His monotone rap style is legendary and once felt can never be forgotten. We salute you today “RU”  (as his close friends called him) and you shall never be forgotten. I read once somewhere that DJ PREMIER’s favorite track that he ever layed down with Guru was… Read more

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