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R.I.P To The Legendary Frosty Freeze

Today we once again pay our respects to the one and only, the legendary Frosty Freeze Ta Pleeze. Its been 6 years since he left us in the physical but Frosty is and will always be with us in the spiritual.

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth “They Reminisce Over You” – RIP Nat Havikoro

For the rest of the week, we will give homage to Bboy Nat (HaviKORO, Houston, TX) whose life was unexpectedly cut short. In times like this, we reminisce and talk about the great memories. Nat was an O.G Texas Bboy legend. He had the fastest power ever. His 90’s and 2000’s were RIDICULOUS. When describing him to younger cats who never saw him I always say, “You’ve seen Wing’s 2000s right?” and they reply with… Read more


Last year was a hard year in the community. In the states alone, we lost three brothers that contributed so much to our community and culture. The Spot is dedicating this day to them. TODAY IN OUR WEB STORE, 100% OF PROFIT FROM TODAY’S SALES WILL BE SPLIT EVENLY AND DONATED TO THEIR FAMILIES. (Their families and crews have all approved of this fundraiser.) AS A COMMUNITY WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER AND SUPPORT OUR OWN. Please support by… Read more

Remembering Jam Master Jay

Hard to believe that today marks 10 years since the passing of one of hip hop’s greatest icons, Jam Master Jay; a murder which remains unsolved today. While hoping to find new information on the circumstances surrounding his death (which by the way, sadly, there is none), I came across this video from a time where MTV was about promoting more than being 16 and pregnant or untalented people fist pumping in Jersey Shore. There… Read more


Just got some really sad news. One of my good friends in the bboy community, Raze,  passed away last night. In our community you build friendships that are always so meaningful. Raze flew me out to judge his jam in Michigan, and he often called me to ask for advice. Once he called asking if it would be smarter to move to Florida or Vegas, he chose Vegas, and he often would call just to catch up….. (Man,… Read more

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