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TBT: 80’s Pop Culture. Music Videos featuring Bboys & Bgirls

At its peak in the 80’s Breakin reached such a level that it become a worldwide phenomenon. Deeply integrated in 80s pop culture, Breakin was a dance style kids from all walks of life wanted to be a part of. From every school to every mall to every sidewalk, you could see kids with their cardboard floors attempting to do a windmill. “BREAKDANCING” IN THE 1980S We had movies like Flashdance, Beat Street and Breakin… Read more

The Genius of Osgemeos

Two of the most famous street artists in the world happen to be twin brothers from Brazil known as Osgemeos or The Twins. Osgemeos are also first generation Brazilian bboys/writers and Hiphopers from the 80’s. The Twins art work can be seen across the world in huge buildings, bridges and canvases. Their work now sells in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Brazil, Osgemeos are so iconic they have been hired to paint Brazil’s… Read more

Twisted Elements Studio for Hip Hop Culture

 Earlier this month, Tuff Tim Twist of the Rock Steady Crew shared pictures of his newly painted studio, Twisted Elements Studio, located in England. We’ve known about Tuff Tim Twist’s artwork for years, and have seen it on customized jackets, sneakers, canvases, jewelry, and more. The dope part about his artwork in the studio is that he included shout outs to various members of the community, both active and those who’ve passed, throughout the entire… Read more

Straight Out the Jungle

If you are down with the culture but you’ve never visited New York City, you are missing a piece to the puzzle. You gotta complete the cypher. It is a must to visit the motherland, aka concrete jungle; aka New York City, at least once in a lifetime for any Hip Hop head around the world. Until you experience it in person, it is hard to imagine the street struggle mixed up with the fancy… Read more

Before the Hype: Bouncing Cats

When you hear the word Uganda the first thing that may come to mind is the recent KONY 2012 video highlighting the man himself and the kidnapping of children for use in war. But if you dig deeper, you’ll find videos of people in Uganda who have expressed their concerns nullifying the impression given off by the video. You see, Uganda was the center of attention a few weeks ago because of the viral campaign that… Read more

Tuf Tim Twist

Recently, our boy Lil Pablo, in the bboy community mainly known as a host of Outbreak Europe 2010 & 2011, had a dope custom jacket made. The creator of this master piece was Tuf Tim Twist representing Rock Steady and Universal Zulu Nation all the way from United Kingdom.  His artwork and especially custom jackets have been popular for many years among bboys & bgirls worldwide. Tim got down with the Hip Hop culture in… Read more

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