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A few weeks back at I.B.E 2012, decided to ask many influential bboys and figures in our community what the future of our community holds or might be. Some of these fellas did not seem to understand the question, but some of them gave really great insight on what they feel the community should be like and hopefully will be like. One interview stood out to me above all, and that is because I… Read more


The industry always represents breaking with a head spin or windmills but rarely to we get to see the dancers for who they truly are. Never do we see a “This is so and so and this is my art”. Musicians and athletes always get to be themselves, companies hire them to be the “selling” point of their products/company. For Honda to feature Rox Rite as “Rox Rite” while also showcasing one of their cars… Read more

RoxRite presents: Yan The Shrimp interview

In my opinion Yan The Shrimp (All the Most/Russia) is one of the most creative, innovative and original bboys our community has today. In an era when many are screaming, “Do what you want”, “Break how you want”, “Foundation is what you choose” Yan shows us how to do it your way but keep it “Straight Up Bboy”. His flow and style are timeless. 20 years from now when bboys/bgirls see footage of The Shrimp… Read more

Favorite Outbreak Moment: Rox Rite vs Focus

Now that Outbreak Hiphop Festival is officially gone, everywhere I go I get asked two questions: #1. Is Outbreak really over? #2. What’s your favorite Outbreak moment? My answers are always the same: YES, NO MORE OUTBREAK. #2 My favorite Outbreak moment is Outbreak 1 Hiphop Jam because it was the first one but my second favorite moment was Outbreak 5’s Rox Rite vs Focus battle. Outbreak 5 Hiphop Festival was my first Outbreak after… Read more

Peace to Outbreak Hiphop Festival 10-Year Anniversary

It’s been a while since we posted a blog.  We’ve been so caught up with traveling and of course, Outbreak Hiphop Festival. We set out to create a jam that no one would forget and from the looks of it, we have achieved that goal. Our official blog, official video and recap of the event is soon to come. Outbreak means so much to so many but for now, we would like to leave you with a very special video… Read more

Congratulations Rox Rite & Marisol!

Over the weekend The Bboy Spot team (Mex, Spen and Gina) headed to San Diego, CA to support our great friends Rox Rite and Marisol on their wedding day. It was a simple yet beautiful wedding. The wedding took place outside in a garden with the reception taking place in a location overlooking a beautiful lake. Bboys and Bgirls from all over the world attended the wedding. Taisuke flew out from Japan and Thomas (Battle of the Year) flew… Read more

Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session, Red Bull BC One Orlando Recap

After months of hard work and preparation, Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session USA Finals and Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher finally went down last weekend in Orlando, Florida. Bboys and Bgirls from across the world came out to show their support and represent. I spotted bboys & bgirls from California, New York, Philadelphia, Texas, Boston, Detroit and many other cities and states. Bboys and Bgirls from countries such as Canada, Russia, Japan, Romania, Scotland and… Read more

Roxrite “Moments”

Red Bull has been on the move as of late, providing so many different genres of interest with really dope content ranging from full on productions to simple videos drawn on a whim. I was checking Vimeo for some new video clips and came across a video from user George Mays featuring Roxrite in Red bull’s video series, “Moments”. It’s a pretty dope series that highlights many of the people that Red bull follows throughout… Read more

Social Media and Our Community

It’s nothing new when we hear that big companies are twisting the facts up to maximize their profits. Whether it be Haagen-Dazs hiring dancers to do completely humiliating public service announcements or record companies tugging the strings of their “puppets” aka exploiting artists for profits, these things don’t surprise us and are classic examples of our culture being misrepresented. Honestly, one thing that we often blame for the watering down of the culture is social media… Read more

Circle Industry and Checkmate 2013 Recap

During the first weekend of May, the city of Salzburg hosted the fifth edition of Circle Industry, one of the World’s illest 2on2 bboy battles. In addition, the weekend also featured a fresh battle concept called Checkmate that’s inspired by the game of chess and was founded by Mike and FraGue. The jam featured a dope line-up of judges featuring Poe One, Pluto and Cima. DJs included B-Ryan, Woo-D, and Cosmic. Collectively, this was going… Read more

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