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Keep The Beacon Lit!

Winter 2013, Massive Monkees were granted a beautiful 2000+ square foot studio space in the International District of Seattle. Titled “The Beacon”, Massive Monkees have used this grant of space to teach, perform and bring people together through community events.In just over 3 months of operation, nearly 400 students have signed up for classes at the Beacon! In addition, we have partnered with and now host some of the best teaching artists from the Northwest… Read more

Massive Monkees Studio: The Beacon

We’d like to congratulate Massive Monkees on the opening of their new studio, The Beacon, in their hometown of Seattle! Not too long ago they shared the great news of the launch of their non-profit organization, Extraordinary Futures, and this week another goal is achieved as the open their studio doors to the community for the first time. “The studio aims to be a “beacon” of light to guide the next generation of dancers, artists, and… Read more

Community 1st: Massive Monkees presents Extraordinary Futures

For the last few years, we at The Spot have been working and cooperating with our Seattle brothers, Massive Monkees. As a crew, they are one of the best in the world, but their body of work expands far beyond the dance floor. In 2004 the mayor of Seattle officially gave the crew their own day, Massive Monkees Day. Our homie Joe Rock hit me up a few days ago and told me about their new project, Extraordinary… Read more

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