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The BboySpot vs USUI KIKAKU: Graffiti Battle

While in Japan this year for the Freestyle Session world finals, I had the pleasure of spending some time with some of the guys from Usui Kikaku. The memories I have from this trip are unforgettable and this video is just a tiny slice of it…haha. Enjoy!

SPEN1 Inspired Cakes!

This one has been a long time coming. Our good friend Adrian from Break Free in Houston, TX really looks out for his son Little D (Break Free, HaviKORO) when it comes to his birthday parties. Little D loves Hiphop and his last two birthday parties have both been very Hiphop inspired and have taken place at the Break Free Community Center (which needs your support!). What’s really dope about it is, both cakes have… Read more


Every since I can remember, people have been asking me to sell them artwork. Not shirts, not flyer designs….just plain old artwork. I’ve always kind of brushed it off as one of those “yeah but, even when I draw it no one’s gonna want it” type of things. That was until I had my Kidrobot, Miami show earlier this year. Not only were all my BBoy scene supporters there, I also had a lot of… Read more

Happy Birthday to Spen One!

We at The Spot would like to send out a very Happy Birthday shout out to a great friend, crew member, and brother Spen One who is turning “&%”today. haha For nearly a decade Spen has produced some of the illest flyers in the bboy community. His body of work can be seen in most countries either on flyers, clothing (Biggest&Baddest), and even tattooed on many bboys abroad. It’s nearly safe to say that no one in the… Read more


In the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to display some of my works at the Kidrobot gallery in MIAMI. It was my first ever art show! At the time that I was doing the show I was also in the process of moving from one town to another so needless to say I was a nervous wreck. In the end the show was a success and sold all but 2 items during it’s 8 week… Read more

Travellin’ Man

Growing up, I think one of my biggest ambitions was to travel the world. Even now I think any kid growing up still has “travel the world” on their list of things to do. Little did I know, my first trip outside of the country would be because of bboying. In July 2010, I boarded a flight to Slovakia for 10 days where I would be an attendee at the first Outbreak Europe Hiphop Festival…. Read more

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