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After two previous episodes, Redbull brings another one, featuring interview with DJ Woo-D from Slovenia and Freeze from Sweden. You can see some footage from opening our brand new Bboy Spot Europe dance studio, highlighted with the Outbreak 8 opening barbeque.  New community center will serve as a practice and education spot for the hip hop heads in the area.  Last part of the episode features most popular 2vs2 battles at Outbreak 8 World Finals…. Read more

Hard at work, but never MIA!

Hey guys, I took notice that it’s been 1 week since we updated you all with a blog, so I decided to create a blog about why we have not been as frequent with the blogs. Since Outbreak 8 Hip Hop Festival, The Bboy Spot team has been HARD AT WORK. We’ve supported United Styles and Death by Props in the USA, as well as Hip Hop Kemp in the Czech Republic. With all the traveling going down… Read more

DunkXchange Orlando Recap

  This past Sunday, DunkXchange Orlando took place here at The Bboy Spot for the second time. It was another really dope experience that was definitely fun to be a part of. Over 20 vendors were set up with booths that consisted of everything from sneaker collections, streetwear brands, and even a jewelry line [Rastaclat] made from shoe laces. Doors opened at 1PM, and just like the last DXE Orlando, within an hour the venue was shoulder… Read more

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