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TBT: The Freshest Kids: The Rise Of Minnesota

In our ‘Freshest Kids’ segment, I always write about a young up and coming bboy to take notice of, however in this case I decided to flip it and write about the biggest, and probably the best, up and coming scene in the USA; The Minnesota bboy community. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Minnesota??!!’, and if you are from oversees, you may not know much about Minnesota because for years all you’ve known of is New York, California,… Read more

The Warriors Full Movie

Growing up in the scene, my friends and I wanted to learn as much as possible about Hiphop and all things related to the culture. Rap music of the ’90s was always filled with timelines of the past. Bits and pieces of history for us to discover. Blog: Below are a few examples: Nas Illmatic intro starts with a scene from “Wild Style” Nas: The Genesis Intro:   Ghostface’s Ironman album quoted “Education of… Read more

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