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Congratulations Rox Rite & Marisol!

Over the weekend The Bboy Spot team (Mex, Spen and Gina) headed to San Diego, CA to support our great friends Rox Rite and Marisol on their wedding day. It was a simple yet beautiful wedding. The wedding took place outside in a garden with the reception taking place in a location overlooking a beautiful lake. Bboys and Bgirls from all over the world attended the wedding. Taisuke flew out from Japan and Thomas (Battle of the Year) flew… Read more

A step in the right direction…

In 2011 Braun Shavers, one of the leading manufacturers of electrical razors and shavers, decided it wanted to get involved with the bboy community across the world. Braun created a campaign featuring Ronnie of Full Force Crew and Lean Rock representing Floor Lords Crew. It was the first time such company invested any sort of resources into our community. Aside of sponsoring Ronnie and Lean Rock, Braun also sponsored events across the world. Unlike music videos or other sources… Read more

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