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WU WEDNESDAY: Book Recommendation: Tao Of Wu

If you’ve been to The Spot or have seen any of our Strife TV ‘Cribs’ videos on Youtube, you may have noticed the pretty massive hip hop related book collection that we have on display in the ‘lounge’ area. We LOVE books, and one of my favorites is Tao Of Wu, which was written by the RZA in 2009. I’ve known of this book for years, and although I’ve skimmed through it numerous times at… Read more


Wu-Tang’s own Raekwon Da Chef came out strong with his first solo release ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX and its hit single, “Heaven & Hell”. The track discusses the drug dealings going on in the streets and how everything revolves around it (Not much has changed in the ghettos). To be a young black man growing up in the inner city of the early 90’s was no easy task. Songs like Heaven & Hell reflect… Read more

Things Done Changed: Wu-Tang’s Prophecies of Hiphop

Back in June of 1997, The much anticipated album WU-TANG FOREVER dropped and did not disappoint. The follow up to 36 Chambers lived up to the hype and then some. A huge part of the double cd was disc one and disc two intro’s. Our blog will focus on DISC TWO INTRO and the wise words of THE RZA being applied in BREAKING TERMS OF TODAY. RZA’s prophecies broke down what Hiphop Culture as whole was to become…. Read more

De La Soul feat. The spirit of the Wu Tang

People complain about hiphop nowadays and how they miss the golden era. Well fortunately for all of us there is De La Soul. The group plans to release about one single every month in order to combat the industry and it’s saturation of mixtapes and street releases. In their latest single they sampled the intro from Disc 2 of the infamous WU TANG: FOREVER album and made magic. I’d say its probably one of the… Read more

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