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Yalta Summer Jam 2014 | Yes or No ?

After very rough times in Ukraine and especially the Crimea Area (location of the Yalta Sumemr Jam), lot of people have been questioning whether the Yalta Summer Jam will take place this year or not. We approached Scream of South Bboys Front crew and the main organizer of the jam to tell us more about the current situation. Scream: “Our event is in the really hard situation! We don’t have any support of our friends… Read more

Our Community: UNITY WITHIN

For far too long many have tried to team up to make things better for the community, there have been meetings with the top promoters across the world to discuss what can be done, how things should work, whether or not there needs to be a governing body. These meetings date back almost 10 years but truthfully when one is worried or concerned solely on the longevity and prosperity of their own events, it’s hard… Read more

Trip to Yalta Summer Jam

After three years of bringing the Outbreak Europe Hip Hop Festival in the area of Eastern Europe, we decided to take it to the next level this year and connect our jam with another ill jam in Ukraine, Yalta Summer Jam. Since the “week” (more like 12 days) is filled with lot of dope hip hop events, we simply called the cooperation Hip Hop Holidays 2013 AKA┬áSuper Hip Hop Week 2013. Starting July 17 thru… Read more

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