A few weeks back at I.B.E 2012, KoreanRoc.com decided to ask many influential bboys and figures in our community what the future of our community holds or might be. Some of these fellas did not seem to understand the question, but some of them gave really great insight on what they feel the community should be like and hopefully will be like.
One interview stood out to me above all, and that is because I represent and support his words 100%. Mason Rose said everything I believe in– creating a self dependent and supported community by owning and operating our very own companies. Truth is, no one will do it for us, we must do it ourselves.
Many bboys refuse to support community owned companies or brands, and would rather waste their money at the mall by giving it to companies and brands that give nothing back to us. Then again, we as brands also need to step it up in our community. Many companies and brands work at a very low quality or unprofessional manner. We at TheBboyspot and Biggest&Baddest are not an exception, we must also continue to step it up and keep going forward in hopes that everything Mason Rose said becomes a reality!!!

Shout outs to Korean Roc for taking their time to make this video.

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