The Bboy Spot Cribs by Step X Step

A you may have heard, The Bboy Spot center is officially closing its doors. If you didn’t know, read why: THE SPOT CLOSING ITS DOORS 

Step X Step recently stopped by and had a “cribs” style tour of The Spot. We are happy to have the facility documented in history before it’s doors shut down. Many great memories in this place but before this facility, we had great memories in our older location and the one before that. We will one day create greater memories in a newer facility.

Shout outs to Step X Step for it’s documentation.

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2 Responses

  1. Step x Step says:

    Thanks for the hospitality! May be the end for those doors, but its just the beginning of what The Bboy Spot is about to do! You always got our support homie!

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