The Bboy Spot pic of the Day dedication

Inspired by the #CreateDaily Revolution, The Bboy Spot created the now popular #BBSpicoftheDay hashtag in hopes of creating awareness for #CreateDaily and highlight certain individuals who are truly doing it right. Since we started 3 months ago we have chosen 15 pictures from bboys across the world who took some amazing shots. World famous bboys like Palmer (#CreateDaily founder), Rox Rite, El Nino and Moy have been featured, other not so famous bboys have also been selected with one of them (Bboy Wallace Norway) having the all time most liked picture at 1,100+ likes. Even surpassing a picture by Cloud from Skill Methods!

So you see, anyone is eligible! If you wish to be featured in the #BBSpicoftheDay hashtag all you have to do is take a great picture and hashtag #CreateDaily + #TheBboyspot. We browse the hashtags daily in hopes of finding amazing pics to feature on our Instagram page. Below are some amazing pictures previously selected. To read more about #CreateDaily please read our blog here:

Note: We ask you to please not hashtag your pictures to #BBSpicoftheDay




@vhphotographica @jeremyhavikoro

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