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Ok, so 1,000,000 hits is really not that many…but screw it, WE ARE PROUD!

Why? because we take pride in putting out only QUALITY. It’s very simple
to upload certain battles or clips that would get mad hits but the truth is that
we represent a certain mentality and approach in everything we do, and that includes
YOUTUBE. We will always go with quality over quantity, and feature only bboys
and bgirls we feel have a certain love and respect for our culture. You wont find footage
of the new hot bboy, or a crazy power move done on gymnastic floor. Quality, quality, quality.
If you like what we are about and are not yet a subscriber, do it, you wont regret it.

To subscribe, visit

Thanks for the love and support.

-BBS Team

PS- Here are a few examples of the kind of footage you can expect:

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