The evolution of MF DOOM. By VICE

I’ll say this up front MF DOOM is my favorite artist. I don’t care how many people disagree or say something about how “typical” it is of me..or even how he sent fake versions of himself to do shows because he couldn’t make the appearance. During a time when I thought I had listened to all the good hip hop there was and the label RAWKUS was dead…DOOM emerged  for me. Lyrically one of the most clever artists there ever was, he’s also the funnest to listen to (my opinion of course).


DOOM is now scheduled to release a bunch of new material in the next few months and to celebrate that, VICE magazine has wrote a pretty cool blog on the Evolution of MF DOOM. Left out of the article is the story of his brothers tragic passing (DJ SUBROC, RIP) and how it affected DOOM, but it was left out by request. If you’re a fan I highly suggest checking it out! And just for kicks, here’s a youtube link to the entire Operation Doomsday album!


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