The future of BBS and Biggest&Baddest

As we all know, we lost our dear friend David “MexOne” Alvarado last week. There are many questions people have asked about the situation, but the one we hear the most is “Will TheBboySpot live on?”, “Will Biggest & Baddest continue?”. These are questions that we are also dealing with ourselves and are trying to figure out correctly. When something like this happens there are so many factors that need to be taken into account to make things right. You have to continue or end things in the best way possible to honor one’s legacy and preserve it for the future. On top of that, Mex leaves behind a beautiful little son that we would all one day love to tell the story of his legendary father and what he did for us all.

What we ask of all of you is to be patient with us. We promise that we are on top of this situation and in the coming days we will have more to say, but at the moment we are taking some time to mourn, recollect our thoughts and make the right decision moving forward. Mex’s motto has always been “By the community, for the community” and that is what we will work under when planning the days ahead.

If you have ever purchased an item from the store, supported Biggest & Baddest, liked a blog post, taken a flyer from one our booths, or even mentioned us while talking amongst friends…we thank you. The support we have received from the community for the past 9+ years has been amazing and we do not take it for granted. I myself (Spen 1) can attest to the level of commitment Mex had for The Bboy Spot and Biggest&Baddest and let me tell you, it’ll take an entire team of us to do the job of one man.

In the meantime, a GoFundMe has been started in order to support his son. 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards his son’s future. Anything helps and we deeply appreciate it.

The link to the fundraiser can be found HERE

Thank you all.

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