The Genius of Osgemeos

Two of the most famous street artists in the world happen to be twin brothers from Brazil known as Osgemeos or The Twins. Osgemeos are also first generation Brazilian bboys/writers and Hiphopers from the 80’s. The Twins art work can be seen across the world in huge buildings, bridges and canvases. Their work now sells in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Brazil, Osgemeos are so iconic they have been hired to paint Brazil’s national team air plane for the upcoming FIFA World Cup!


Talk about “getting up”

image_1Here they are with one of their homies back in the 80s image_2Octavio (Osgemeos) alongside 1st generation Brazilian bboys in 1987.

A dedication piece by The Twins in honor of their Hiphop origins and roots.

image_4Check out a recent picture with Rock Steady Crew legend DeviousDoze(Doze is an incredible artist in his own right) image_5A gift from Doze to The Twins. ICONIC Doze “mugs”


image_6image_7 image_8
In return to Doze’s mugs, Osgemeos painted Maratha Coopers legendary picture of Doze getting down. Osgemeos hanging out with Martha Cooper while on a recent trip to NYC.

image_9One more thing about Osgemous?

The brothers still “get up” illegally across the world. Destroying all lines. We encourage you to look up more of their work and follow them on Instagram @Osgemeos


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  1. Leandro Forgerini Padilha says:

    Muito bom!
    Thnx for share the brazillian hip hop culture!

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