The Ins and Outs – Science & Health in Breaking

The body is a temple and should be treated with care and attention. That being said, the bboy lifestyle doesn’t always adhere to this ideal. This dance will take its toll on your body, regardless of one’s style or preference of moves.  However, longevity in this art form is possible when a person takes extra measures to ensure wellness of the mind and body.

Tony Ingram is both a bboy and a physical therapist dedicated to the science of human movement. He integrates his passion for physiology with dance in his creation of a website dedicated to spreading knowledge about efficient training methods and injury prevention. The website also provides thought provoking articles on how dance promotes mental strength, social awareness, and cultural appreciation. With a free and diverse archive of tutorials/lessons, it’s a shame to not use such a good resource.

At its very core, the movements in breaking can be broken down into a science. Some say that breaking manifests itself out relentless grinding and pain. Others frown upon safety precautions and standards for being healthy. As much as I love how real this culture is, living by those principles will ensure a short bboy career. Phrases commonly used amongst bboys go something like “stretching isn’t raw” or “do first think later.” I believe there is a fine line between being true to your craft and harming oneself. A person can only benefit from educating themselves about the nature of the human body. Through the work of people like Tony Ingram, this knowledge will only serve to improve your overall health and capacity for doing ridiculous moves. Why not train smarter and harder?

Below are links to various resources that are helping to advance the movement of bboy training/wellness.

Bboy Tabata method with Flow Mo Crew:

Break Free training with Havikoro Crew:

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