The Mutany 2017 recap

On the weekend of May 27th, The PBT made its 17th stop of the calendar year and 1st official stop in New York City for Mutany 2017. New York being the Mecca of breaking and with so many bboys/bgirls living in its burrows, you knew the competition would be “heavy duty tuff work”(respect if you remember that line).

The event featured a 1 vs 1 competition with the prize breakdown looking a little something like this:

• $700 for 1st Place
• $300 for 2nd Place
• $100 for Semi-Finalists

The judges for the night, New York legends Kwikstep/Full Circle, Jiggz/Supreme Beings and last but no least B-Eazy/5 Crew Dynasty. The Dj’s responsible to set it off on the wheels of steel: N.Y’s finest, the one and only DP One/Heavy Hittaz/Supreme Beings. The event also featured a super dope expo between two heavy hitting power heads. Hustle Kidz own Kid Colombia vs Thriller from the Dominican Republic. How about we set it off with that crazy expo….

Kid Colombia vs Thriller Expo

The Competition.

Lets set if off straight from the Top 16 battles.

Top 16
Spydey Vs Richie Rich = Richie Rich is $ with this one.
Roflow Vs Uncle Will = Uncle Will takes the W.
Mikey Vs Pop = Street Masters Pop moves on.
Rock Lobzter Vs Cha Cha = Cha Cha with the victory.
Stacy Vs Kilo = Kilo kills and makes top 8.
Outbreak Vs Lokito = Lokito gets the W. Dang…. Was rooting for “Outbreak”. Wonder why…haha.
Rich Nyce Vs Nebz = Nebz takes it
Malo Vs Suhgey = Suhgey wins the final battle of the top 16.

Top 8
Uncle Will Vs Richie Rich = Uncle Will is top 4.
Cha Cha Vs Pop = Pop takes the win.
Lokito Vs Kilo = Lokito advances.
Suhgey Vs Nebz = Suhgey makes the semis.

Uncle Will Vs Pop = young gun Pop makes is in the Finals.
Suhgey Vs Lokito = Lokito takes the W.

You know we have to show you the Final battle for this one:

Lokito Vs Pop

One time to N.Y’s own Pop – Street Master for taking the W!! The young fella keeps putting in work and deserves the W.

les, check out the good peoples at Bboy Network who were there covering the event HERE

Next stop on the Pro Breaking Tour: Dynamic Rockers Anniversary

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