“The Quick Mix Theory” by Grandmaster Flash

We here at The Bboy Spot pride ourselves in trying to spread as much knowledge about the culture as we can. Sometimes though, the best way to hear it is straight from the source.

Grandmaster Flash is part of a handfull of pioneers in our culture that are still around today. His Quick Mix Theory , as he explains, is practically the beginning of it all. It’s not only amazing to hear him explain the beginnings of the culture, but also how much detail and science he put into his craft.

Like, did you know he was the inventor of the slip mat (or “waffer” as he originally called it)?! Or how he secretly taught his students little brother, who then went on to become Grand Wizard Theadore (the credited inventor of the scratch!)!? If you’ve got an hour to spare then you’re in for a good one. Enjoy!

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  1. […] from continental Africa, which was a generation or two after Grandmaster Flash came up with the quick mix theory. This was long before Lawrence Lessig wrote “Remix,” a book explores remixing as a […]

  2. […] on (2nd August 2018)¬†https://www.thebboyspot.com/the-quick-mix-theory-by-grandmaster-flash/¬† (The Quick Mix Theory) published: 21st September 2016 by […]

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