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Just a fraction of the collections for sale there.

Last Sunday Mex and I spent the day at a record show held at the fair grounds in Orlando, Florida. Spinning at the Ground Crowns Bboy jam the night before and staying up late didn’t make waking up early for the show an easy task. With the help of Negra (Mex and Gina’s cat), I was up and ready to go looking for the perfect beat.

These record shows are a good place to find some deals and learn some stories. With dealers coming from all over Florida you can definitely find lots of quality music. Some of these guys have been in the music industry for years and can tell incredible stories of musicians and artists they’ve meet along the way. This priceless information is something that you will never get sitting at home downloading mp3s.

We ran into DJ B-Ryan!

After a few hours of diggin’ we definitely came up with some good finds. We also ran into our homie DJ B-Ryan who is always on top of his record game; you can definitely tell by all the gems this guy has been dropping at jams lately. After reaching our spending limits we gathered our stuff and headed out. The best part of the day was getting back to Mex’s place and playing all of the days findings!

Collecting music has been a passion of mine for quite some time. Some say it’s a character trait passed down by my grandfather (if you could see his music collection you will know what I mean). With vinyl sales on the rise I am definitely not alone. Since 2008, every year has seen a steady increase in vinyl sales and the numbers seem to keep growing. So if you want to get in on the action, make sure to support your local record shop this Saturday April 21st for “Record Store Day”. Music is an important part of our culture, let’s keep it alive by supporting the artist and indie record shops that are doing it for the right reasons!

Fusik/Unique Styles Crew

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  1. Gina says:

    Who needs an alarm clock when you have King Negra? lol!

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