In our recent blog about Steve (aka bboy Silverback from Silverback Bboy Events) we wrote a statement regarding how often we are asked about what UDEF/PBT represent and what the organizations “want” or are trying to do in the community. Silverback/UDEF approached us to answer a few questions the community may have.


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Silverback Bboy Events was formed as a philanthropic initiative to provide funding support, business advice and legal resources to the bboy and bgirl community.

To add momentum to the initiative, Silverback partnered with Freestyle Session in 2013, forming both UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour.

The business idea behind the Pro Breaking Tour is to provide the community with a well-organized marketing vehicle comprised of dozens of prize money events, a vehicle which would appeal to major corporate sponsors, media partners and broadcasters.

The strategy is to attract fresh sources of capital to the breaking scene, creating a mini-industry and job-producing ecosystem around breaking, with the Pro Breaking Tour’s prize money events being the initial magnet to attract corporate, media and spectator interest in breaking.

UDEF is a non-profit entity and a 501(c)3 public charity with a board comprised of breakers, event organizers, business people, and legal experts in non-profits law, corporate law, and sports and entertainment law. The Pro Breaking Tour is wholly-owned by UDEF through a taxable subsidiary.

Silverback’s philanthropic support of breaking events is managed through Silverback’s funding support of UDEF and the Pro Breaking Tour.

Silverback not only sponsors prize money and charitable breaking events and workshops, but also provides financial, educational and legal support and resources to individual bboys and bgirls.


We hope you guys understood the mission. In a nutshell, SBE/UDEF want to be the kick-starters to help elevate our community to higher grounds in hopes future bboys/bgirls can make their passion for dance a respectable career.

To find our more, please visit UDEF
Always remember, it is good to ask question and be informed.

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