TBT: Tips on traveling to your next Bboy Jam

Everyone loves layovers.

Everyone loves layovers.

To grow as a bboy or bgirl, it is sometimes fundamental to travel to different jams outside of your city, or even outside the country. Since traveling can get quite expensive and bboys do not have that kind of money to waste, we decided to give you some tips on how to travel more cost-effectively. If you have some other tips, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Starting off, it’s pretty easy to buy a ticket for a bus or train ride, so we’ll only be talking about plane tickets. Still, a lot of bboys have problems browsing the right websites for them so here are some suggestions from us:

raynair.com (within Europe)
wizzair.com (within Europe)

Once you get there, remember—it's all about having fun! Make new friends!

Sometimes, it’s better to not fly to the city of the jam if the airport gets very little traffic. Flying to such small cities can be expensive since they have less traffic. Bboys are better off booking a flight to a major city and then taking a train or a bus to the city of a jam. It might take longer, but it’ll be easier on your pockets plus you’ll get to do some sight-seeing. This is the case for this year’s OUTBREAK 8 HIP HOP FESTIVAL. The event takes place in a city in Slovakia called Banska Bystrica which is populated by about 90,000 people and does not have a major airport. It’s easier and cheaper to fly to Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava, which is 200km away from Banska Bystrica. Unfortunately, Bratislava offers only some flights within Europe. For flying in from outside of Europe or even within Europe, Vienna’s airport in Austria may be the best choice. It is located about 260km from Banska Bystrica, which is a 2 hour drive or 4 hour bus ride away from the city of Outbreak 8.

“…When you travel to a jam, also consider the costs of the city you’re traveling to—they might not be so bad.”
So, if you are searching for flights to Outbreak 8 World Finals, don’t look for flights to Banska Bystrica, but rather to Bratislava (Slovakia) or Vienna (Austria). It’s summertime so the plane ticket prices are at their peak. Average cost of flying to Vienna from anywhere in Western Europe is around 200 euros round trip. For the overseas travelers like USA, prices may start at $900 a ticket.

So traveling may be expensive but on the other hand the country or city where the jam takes place may be cheap. This is again the case for Banska Bystrica. You can get a place to stay at overnight starting at 10 Euros a night, full lunch menus at 2.90 Euros, a bus trip from Bratislava to Banska Bystrica (260 km) for only 9 Euros, and 3-day festival ticket for less than 30 Euros. So, when you travel to a jam, also consider the costs of the city you’re traveling to—they might not be so bad.

If you plan to come to Outbreak 8, please check the more detailed information about travel at the Outbreak website.

Safe travels!

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