TBT:To the BC ONE haters

No event in our community gets as much “hate” or attention as Red Bull BC ONE.

Why is that? Simple, it is the most popular event in our community. Some of you may say, “But of course, it’s organized by Red Bull and Red Bull has all this money, and… [blah blah blah]” Haters, not fans of Red Bull, are the ones that make it the most talked about and popular jam in our community worldwide.

To the haters:

This is something that gets talked about a lot. We don’t attend the BC ONEs to know (I doubt the haters attend), but from experience we can say that the BC ONE USA Finals in 2012 actually CANCELED its own pre-party and provided transportation for all bboys/bgirls to attend Cyphers Adikts Chicago the day before it took place. How dope and supportive is that? Cypher Adikts was also the official pre-party event for Red Bull BC ONE World Finals in Korea 2013. BC ONE Florida “Cypher” always has cyphers, and this year FUSIK will be performing live.

BC ONE USA Finals in Texas featured Brown Out right after the main battles ended, and plenty of “cyphers” broke out there too. So yeah, many of those who hate must not really know what takes place at plenty of these BC One events.

Man oh man! Everyone complains about the judges time after time. To this we say, what jam doesn’t have judges complained about?!? The haters complain about certain “popular” bboys judging. The “fans” complain about their favorite bboys not judging. Everyone has something to say, and some of the most respected bboys in the world have judged this event. The reason why many other “respected” bboys have not is not because BC One does not want them to, but because they are as unprofessional as they come. They won’t return emails and won’t answer phone calls. They’ll even MISS THEIR FLIGHTS! The list can go on and on, but you get the point.

Again, just like the judges, the haters complain about the best bboys not getting selected to compete.
This one is tricky because “the best” really means their “homies”. Most of those that complain are the older generation 90s bboys that can’t stop talking about how things used to be. Let’s be honest, just about ALL those bboys from the 90s generation would have loved for BC ONE to have been around in the 90s. They sure talk to the talk, but few from that era walk the walk when it comes down to this level of competition. ‘Lords Of The Floor’ (Red Bull event) had the “cream of the crop” competing at their event. The haters are secretly jealous and stuck in the past.

And the haters want to destroy it! How stupid can you guys be?! Contributing and providing opportunities to bboys, DJs, and promoters worldwide is not “running” anything. It’s called SUPPORT. Most bboys, DJs, and promoters that work with Red Bull always have great things to say. As a professional company, they do a great job hearing our ideas and implementing them for BC ONE and all things bboy/bgirl.

I will keep it short and simple. Red Bull gave a generous donation towards Outbreak Hip Hop Festival. I won’t call it “sponsorship” because they didn’t request their logo to be put on the flyer (it was not). Red Bull also provided the sound system for the outside area of the event and supported previous Outbreak events. They do the same for Outbreak Europe. We are speaking FACTS from experience.

Right! Sure they do! Again, are you guys crazy?!! If this was the case, Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many other multi-million dollar companies would follow suit. On the profitable markets scale, our community is very small. Companies don’t find us to be worth their time. Red Bull promotes lifestyle, adventure, and taking the human body (physically & artistically) to its limits. Breaking is a perfect fit, and we are lucky to have a company of that level invest in us as they do. Hopefully more will follow in the future. Monster Energy recently created a Bboy team. We love it! Why? It’s another major company investing in our community.

All in all the haters will probably learn nothing and hate on this blog–Red Bull didn’t pay us or ask us to write it, we don’t work for or have a contract with BC ONE. We work with BC ONE, but will always be free to support who we want or do what we want. The reason for this blog is because too many have something to say without actually knowing.

While we may not agree with all things related to BC ONE, it is not our event and every promoter or organization has a style in how they work. We respect that and learn from it as we’ve learned from other small & major promoters. Our relationship with Red Bull spans 10 years. We speak from numerous working experiences with the company, and not once have we felt pressured or pushed into a situation we did not like or would regret.

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25 Responses

  1. maryana martin says:

    This article is on point!! It speaks the truth. The haters only care about what they think is good when actually they have little knowledge about bc one and there judging system and everything else. The haters only care about what they “think” is good in “there” point of view.

  2. B Boy Vegeta says:

    I Respect Bc One but i don’t count it as world champion cause bcone chyphers not in every country city …..

    • IamCROS1 says:

      Even the Olympics isn’t represented by EVERY country in the world.

    • Jed Lin says:

      There’s no way they could throw an event in EVERY city, do you know much it costs to throw one of them? They throw area based cyphers with the idea that people from the surrounding areas will come to it. How many people in NYC event were actually from NY? People from Boston, Philly, NJ, Delaware, DC, etc went to that event to compete.

  3. Trus Real says:

    As a b-boy and a rap artist, I’ve thrown events for both elements. So I’ve been on the business end of these events we love going to and I completely agree.

  4. James says:

    Damn spin for uk u no he didn’t deserve this? Ugly ass mothafuckin Mexican midget. Heard he got a kid too man feel sorry for that gonna be a gay dude when he older wearin make up n shit

    • soul mavericks says:

      Talking about someone his child is personal fam. But once i figure out Ur Ip address be ready to deal with the consequences. P.s he is Colombian u retard Donkey.

    • Spin says:

      Bruv, you better PRAY that i dont find out you from the UK!! Cos if you are, and my people are able to track your punk ass down through this internet shit, your going to have to deal with some serious conciquences that aint got shit to do with breaking. I hope your ready for this shit if/when we do find out who/where you are you punk ass eboy. If your a badman tell me who you are and where you at and then wel see whats really good. See you soon……hopefully

      spin – soul mavericks

  5. Ippy says:

    calling people haters if they don’t agree with your opinions is lazy. Perhaps understand that people are expressing their views about hip hop and dancing instead of just ‘hating’. Because in the end bboying isn’t owned by organizations or institutions. Its governed by its participants, the bboys and bgirls around the world.

    • Mex says:

      we call them “haters” because they speak of something they know nothing about. Many times many of them are envious they do not get an opportunity or counted upon. They “hate” because they are not part of it not because they have an “opinion” with valid points.

      • James Alexander Rodriguez says:

        using ‘we’ and ‘them’ all the time and taking shots and generalizing anyone that does not agree with how BCone is currently run sorta makes you a hater as well.

        this all seems very hypocritical on your part especially from your ending paragraph. you say everyone has their own style and way of doing things and that should be respected yet you generalize groups of people that have a different view by calling them haters and jealous people that have no valid opinions. i hope you see the hypocrisy of your article when compared to your above comments.

        • Mex says:

          Sure, you can call me a “hater” of their hate and since I am a hater I guess I am a hypocrite. LOL.

          • James Alexander Rodriguez says:

            Yea, glad you agree with me. (So do I put ‘lol’ here at the end or do I have to be 12 years old for that?)

  6. James Alexander Rodriguez says:

    BCone is tailored for the casual to non-fan range. It’s a flashy show meant to pull in more views and grow the event and it’s following. They know dancers are going to watch and attend..even the haters. It’s the first time watchers that this event is made for. Classic model to grow a product.

    • James Alexander Rodriguez says:

      and for the record i enjoy watching it. but throw me in the ‘haters’ category because i have a different outlook other than fanboying BCone.

  7. Jimmy Bottom says:

    I think Redbull BC1 can be a step towards progressing the culture. If you take a look at other forms of “extreme” sports, there’ll always be a “commercial” form and the heart of it. If you are looking for the heart of bboying then BC1 is not for you. BC1 would be the commercial aspect of bboying and it draws a crowd. It has all the bells and whistles a unknowing crowd would look for to entertain themselves.

  8. JuiceRockMW says:

    Haters don’t discriminate. Haters are simply gonna hate.

    It may be the most hated because it’s probably the event with the biggest exposure. No other global brand puts itself out with bboying like RB does and not many brands get as much youthful attention like RB. So yeah.. the percentage of toys and ghosts commenting and talking about it must be overwhelming.

    in my opinion BC one is win-win bboys and brand. BBoys get paid and givenn the opportunity travel or get known, RB’s marketing machine keeps rolling.

    Still got mixed feelings about how the format of BC one is shaping today’s generation of bboys. Time will tell.

  9. Revenge says:

    Straight to the “arcticle writer”
    I see its easy for you, dividing people on haters and lovers and between this meanings hide corporation information)
    somebody stupid, knowing that companies around the world looking only for profits?
    somebody stupid knowing that particular company use alternative sports in marketing?
    somebody stupid knowing meaning of word “community” that have nothing common with corporative)?
    somebody stupid knowing x-games story and what happened with other street sports?)
    somebody stupid knowing that what you see is not what it is, thanks to media?)

    just looking to the mirror BOYYYYY and be truthfull)

    and its REALY REALY fucking pity that somebody like YOU spread and share info like that!
    Hope not so many readers read it

  10. Joeyo says:

    haha u forgot one more thing on the list. No.7 Red Bull Official Videos always love zooming in on bboys faces when their opponent is doing a sick move 🙂

  11. P.Islam says:

    I think They should air bc one on tv It might sound stupid but they should i mean look at it bboying is the heart of hip hop if you ask me if it wasnt for bboying rap might wouldve never made it from the underground we should be getting more props from the hip hop community most of these rappers don’t know what hip hop is but we bboy’s and bgirl’s do

  12. David Sánchez says:

    Easy like this: if you dont like BC1, dont watch it!….I dont like it, so, I dont watch it!
    PS: The article was interesting!

  13. David Olivares says:

    Your entire post was hating. All you are looking for is popularity and favoritism. You only promote who you like and who you want to like you. You use events and publicizing other bboys for your own fame. For example when Bboy Steelo got sick you had find raisers for him and made a big deal. One of my crew members wrote you on Facebook asking you of you could do a small shout out for a bboy who had died in a car accident that he knew. You recieved the message, read it, but never responded. The purpose of his message was only to try to spread a little love and (I hate this word) “support” to one of our fellow bboys as a hip hop “community”. But you never did. Why? Because you will only promote who you want to. It’s not for the “love”. Another thing you had the bboy spot at a suite. Yes, we all knew that. That’s where the shirts get made. But your facility was never titled a “community” center until bboy Moy in Houston, TX. opened a real community center. Why the greed? One thing that was mentioned on the article was that the judges that don’t make it to red bull are “unprofessional” because they miss flights or don’t answer calls. Some of us have lives! Bboys. Real Bboys have lives out of dancing! Just like I’m sure you probably don’t. We work, pay our bills, take care of our families, or whatever we need to do to survive our daily lives! Don’t call someone else “unprofessional” because they don’t judge an event in exchange for taking care of business with his life. It’s called being responsible. All this they, them, us, we talk is unprofessional. It shows lack of understanding from your point of view. You are just ranting.
    Mex, get over yourself and the close circle of people you only want publicized. You are only YouTube famous. Out of that you sill ain’t done shit! 🙂
    This message was specifically for Mex and all the promoters and bboys who seek to exploit only themselves.

  14. Lil John HAVIKORO CREW says:

    The reason I said no to Red Bull BC One – Bboy Lil’John
    10 August 2014 at 02:07
    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to begin by stating that I am not writing this blog/statement as a result of being upset with Red Bull, or to use this as a tool to get some shine and/orr promotion. This blog was going to happen regardless of my participation in BC One. I was asked to compete in BC One by a friend in Florida who played a part in picking this year’s bboys. Prior to this invitation, I have never contacted anyone with Red Bull to request to participate nor to be a judge in these events. I’ve heard both good and bad things about this event and some I know for certain are true, others I was willing to find out for myself.

    As some of you may know, I was invited to participate in this year’s Red Bull BC One – North America Finals in Las Vegas. Although I was looking forward to participate in this event, on paper, Red Bull and I had very conflicting priorities, and my team and manager advised me, it was to my best interest not to participate.

    I really try to separate myself from the cattle call of dancers who are willing to jump at any opportunity to be in the spotlight. I came up during a time when bboys had to win the small competitions to get respect in the big ones. Yes! I know that times have evolved. My first four big events were paid for by the money we collectively raised and would drive together as a crew. So to me, building a name at BC One is an understatement. I’ve done my best to stay away from the microwave movement they call raw.

    My main objective is to try and express my deepest thoughts and concerns about our culture and how the business errors of the 80’s are still happening now, and in some aspects, these are worse. It is not the fault of the multi-billion dollar company, but ours. We’ve allowed ignorance and a starving generation to be fed the notion that events like BC One, are the only way to achieve “best bboy” status.

    I’m fully aware I might be cutting myself from any future work with Red Bull, and any promoters and organizers who are associated with them, in the Hip-Hop community. It’s also a fact, that I may never bare the tweet that says BC One Champ. However, I will have the privilege of knowing that I said no to Red Bull BC One, because I was unwilling to sign my rights away for a title.

    As I mentioned before, in the 1980s when Breaking got a flash of recognition in the commercial world, opportunity along with negative factors came. These negative factors were that many of its recipients were minority. And by minority I mean those who knew the least, and many times could care less. A minority group which lacked knowledge and understanding of legal language in waivers, contracts, entertainment laws and some civil laws. As a result, many were taken advantage of, some resulting in the breaking up of crews. There are only less than a handful of people I can think of from the 80s, who branded themselves differently than the rest. They got informed, received legal counsel, and today, they aren’t rich by no means, but they are in a much better place than the rest from that era. We are in that place again, and we as bboys, should pay closer attention to the documentation we are being asked to sign.

    The sole reason I decided to participate was to represent my 90’s era. I wanted to show what this event has been lacking, not saying participants before haven’t done that, there has been a few. I wanted to use the camera time to express to the masses the importance of supporting the smaller events. That if they truly want to be a part of the real movement, supporting the smaller events, smaller promoters who have the real raw feel, is where it starts.

    I don’t blame Red Bull, they’re doing business as usual. I’m actually impressed at their bold and strict negotiations and while most people say BC One is the greatest thing, I would agree it’s a great road option for competition, but should not be the main highway to creditability. I believe our art form deserves more respect than that. And my intention is not for people to cut Red Bull BC One out or give those involved with this business a cold shoulder. I am hoping for this community of dancers to be more aware and concerned with what they are allowing. I have to say that Red Bull does pay some benefits to major players, some promoters, bboys who now do photography, dancers who do their graphic design and many other avenues people have taken to get ahead. My manager’s priority is to assure I am allowed the right to my name, brand and safety and Red Bull’s is to make money and do business as usual.

    The required waivers from Red Bull in order to participate in this event, completely strips the dancer from any rights and it is completely a one sided deal. To some this may be a common practice, but to me, I’ve worked way too hard and respect my family, myself and the bboy community too much, to allow for this type of boundaries to be crossed and accepted as “business as usual”.

    A couple of facts that I know corporate companies know of our community:

    A. We don’t read and will most likely sign anything and
    B. We don’t ask questions or get informed

    We, boys/bgirls, companies, sponsors and promoters, all share the blame, as companies as these know they can easily find another starving artist.

    I don’t think I am the best bboy or on a high hill. But, I do represent an era and a group of bboys who have greatly influenced the hip-hop scene.

    I am posting in summary my reasons for not signing this waiver. If we are ever going to stand-up for our right to not be taken advantage of, we should speak of these things more often. Also, I just want to be clear, that it is never my intent to sue anyone. It’s a pain for everyone involved, not a quick process, much time and money goes into the delegations. However, I will never lock myself in a corner for lack of knowledge or a mere title.

    We did make an attempt to negotiate some of the language to accommodate basic rights, but their response to us was:

    “Unfortunately we can not accommodate your requested changes to the waiver. It is mandatory to execute this waiver to participate in the Red Bull BC One North America Final. I am quite disappointed to be the bearer of this news, but we will need to move forward with another invite if you cannot execute the waiver as is.

    Please advise how you would like to proceed”

    Our response,

    “I hope you understand that my clients safety and well-being is priority, and due to the unwillingness to negotiate to meet any of my clients request, he will not be able to participate in this event”

    Their response,

    “Thank you for your quick response. We are disappointed but understand that these things do happen. I look forward to working together in the future”

    It is important for dancers around the world to understand how serious these things are. By signing we give our consent to have absolutely no rights as dancers/performers.

    The waiver can easily be found online, and in summary this is why I did not sign this document.

    1. If I would have signed this waiver, I would be assuming all responsibility of ALL injuries, regardless if Red Bull or any of its affiliates were found at fault and or negligent and provided defective products or faulty equipment or faulty staging.

    2. I would be entering into an agreement that prevents my spouse, heirs or anyone associated with me to take any legal action against the negligent
    party; if in cause of injury during this event, I was unable to represent myself.

    3. This waiver also includes that I would be voluntarily waiving my right to a section of California civil law.

    4. And one of the most important to me, I say this because this may be no big deal for a dancer who does not already have a reputable name, and/or lives from its image and merchandise. By signing this waiver, I would be giving Red Bull the right to own anything about me from this event. I summarize that it states that I’m not just giving my rights to Red Bull BC One but Red Bull Media. And I’m granting them permission to do as they wish with any media of me, pictures, video, voice, likeness, and actions. They can include it in film, commercials, advertising, and print and not have to pay me anything to use these. If I do receive any footage, photos from them, I can’t use it as I see necessary as an artists or performer.

    5. It even ends with basically saying that they know that it is a document where the participant is “waiving substantial legal rights” and understand that this document will be enforced to the greatest extent allowed by law.

    In conclusion, read, ask, get informed and respect the hard labor we all have endured to represent the true culture. Let us do better at communicating to the “minority” the risks and factors behind the spotlight. To whom much is given, much is required; we need to shed light on these issues more often, so we can be compensated for our hard work.

    Feel free to share if you feel led to.

    Thanks again for your time.

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